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New $25 AT&T GoPhone Plan - 250 Minutes and Unlimited Texts

AT&T announced today that starting Sept. 18th they will be offering a new option to GoPhone customers; unlimited messaging and 250 minutes for $25/month.  AT&T currently charges $19.99/month for unlimited texting alone making this a pretty good deal for anyone who talks a little but texts a lot.

On the other hand, there are a lot of competing prepaid deals at the $25-$30 monthly price point that include more voice minutes some data and lots of (but not unlimited texts).  Here's a table comparing them:

$25 to $30 Monthly Prepaid Plans
Operator Plan or Package Network Technology Monthly Cost Voice min. SMS Data
AT&T $25 Monthly  Plan AT&T GSM 25.00 250 unlimited
5 MB - $5,
200 MB $15, 
500 MB $25
NET10 750 Minute Monthly  Plan AT&T or Verizon CDMA or GSM 25.00 750 750 750 minutes of browsing
Virgin Mobile payLo Sprint CDMA 30.00 1500 1500 30 MB overage $1.50/MB
Straight Talk All You Need Verizon or AT&T CDMA or GSM 30.00 1000 1000 30 MB no overage
T-Mobile Monthly 4G T-Mobile GSM 30.00 1500 (combined minutes and messages) 1500 (combined minutes and messages) 30 MB, Overage $1.50/day
Page Plus Talk n' Text 1200 Verizon CDMA 29.95 1200 3000 100 MB, Overage $0.10/MB

AT&T also made a couple of other GoPhone announcements today:
  • A $10month GoPhone international long distance add on will also be available starring Sept 18th.  It provides 250 minutes of calls to over 50 countries.  Details will be available at starting tomorrow.
  • Effective immediately GoPhone customers can now roam in Canada Voice The rates are:
    • Voice: $.39 per minute (no surcharges)
    • Text: $.25 per message sent, $.20 per message received
    • Data: $0.0195 per KB
    • Picture Messaging: $1.30 per message sent/$0.25 per message received.

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