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Boost Mobile 10% Off Any Phone Code

Boost Mobile has posted a new promo code on their website. The code is SPOOKY2012 and it's good through Halloween, Oct. 31st The code is only 10% off but it applies to every phone on the Boost site, including the ones that are already on sale. 

Here are some of prices with the coupon: 

Samsung Factor flip phone $26.99 with code (reg $29.99) 

Samsung Array QWERTY slider $44.99 with code and sale pricing (reg $59.99) 

Kyocera Innuendo clamshell QWERTY (gray or blue) $53.99 with code  (reg $59.99)

LG Rumor Reflex touchscreen QWERTY slider  $53.99 with code and sale pricing (reg $79.99)

BlackBerry Curve 9310 $71.99 with code with code and sale pricing (reg $99.99)

Samsung Galaxy Prevail Android phone $71.99 with code with code and sale pricing (reg $99.99)

Kyocerra Hydro water resistant Android phone $89.99 with code and sale pricing (reg $129.99)

Samsung Galaxy Rush Android phone $134.99 with code  (reg $149.99)

Samsung Transform Ultra Android QWERTY slider $134.99 with code  (reg $149.99)

ZTE Warp Sequent Android phone $179.99 with code (reg $199.99)

LG Marquee Android phone $179.99 with code (reg $199.99)

LG Venice Android phone $197.99 with code (reg $219.99)

HTC EVO Design 4G Android phone $269.99 with code (reg $299.99)

Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Android phone $332.99 with code (reg $369.99)

Shipping is free from the Boost site, sales tax is charged in all states that have a sales tax.

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