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How to Block SPAM texts on Boost, Virgin Mobile and Sprint MVNOs

Report SPAM to 9999
Sprint lets its customers block unwanted or SPAM text messages from phone numbers, short codes and email addresses. The service is free. It's not advertised as working with prepaid accounts, but I've confirmed that it does with Boost Mobile CDMA and PlatinumTel CDMA. I suspect it also works with other Sprint MVNOs and with Virgin Mobile. 

To block a phone number, send a text message to 9999 containing the word block and number you want to block:
block 1234567890.
Reply from 9999: SprintFreeMsg: Text messages to and from "1234567890" are now blocked.
It works with short codes too.
block 1234 - Reply from 9999: SprintFreeMsg: Text messages to and from "1234" are now blocked.
And with email addresses:
block evil@spamco.com - Reply from 9999: SprintFreeMsg: Text messages to and from "evil@spamco.com" are now blocked.
You can even block an entire email domain:

block @spamco.com - Reply from 9999: SprintFreeMsg: Text messages to and from "@spamco.com" are now blocked.
Or all texts from all email addresses:
block email - Reply from 9999: SprintFreeMsg: Text messages to and from all email addresses are now blocked.

You can use the spam command in place of  block to report a sender as a spammer. This also blocks them:
spam freeipad@scam.com - Reply from 9999: SprintFreeMsg: Thanks for reporting spam sent by "freeipad@scam.com" SprintFreeMsg: Text messages to and from "freeipad@scam.com" are now blocked.

To see what's blocked use the list command:
list - Reply from 9999: SprintFreeMsg: There are 3 senders in your block list. These senders will be blocked "1234567890", "1234", "evil@spamco.com"

To unblock a sender use the allow command:
allow 1234567890 SprintFreeMsg: Text messages to and from "1234567890" are now allowed.
Allow also works with short codes, email addresses and email domains. Use allow email to unblock messages from all email addresses.

For help with the 9999 service send the help command to 9999:
help - Reply from 9999: SprintFreeMsg: Text these commands to 9999 to manage SMS blocking: block, list, spam, help. Text “help <command>” to learn about each command.

There are more commands but the others are mostly synonyms for the ones listed above. Sprintusers.com has the complete list in PDF format.

The 9999 text message blocking code only works on the Sprint CDMA network. It doesn't work with Boost or Nextel iDEN accounts or with AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile.  An alternative is the SPAM (7726) short code which works on all US networks.  Forward a text to 7726 to report it as SPAM. But 7726 doesn't actually block the numbers you report. It also may not be free, I was charged when I used 7726 on Boost but not on PlatinumTel, Page Plus or T-Mobile prepaid.

If you try 9999 on Virgin Mobile or any Sprint MVNO please leave a comment letting us know if it works.

Unfortunately 9999 only blocks text messages, not phone calls. If anyone knows of a way to truly block unwanted callers on any network, I'd love to hear about it.


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  1. Kajeet has a control that allows you to block unwanted callers.

  2. ATT GoPhone lets you block callers. There's the Mr. Number app for smartphones and I've heard of people setting up unwanted numbers as a contact and then blocking them.

    1. Do you have to subscribe to AT&T 'Smart Limits' and pay $4.99/month for this service?

    2. AT&T says Smart Limits is not currently available for Prepaid devices.

    3. Mr. Number works well to block unwanted text and calls.

  3. I was able to block sms on Platinumtel using 999.

  4. This 9999 block text command doesn't seem to work. Sprint texted me back the block confirmation however unfortunately my harasser is still sending me texts.

    1. If you use Android, you could try Mr. Number or Call Blocker+. There are others, but I am using these two with good success.

  5. Works with Virgin Mobile!

  6. Virgin mobile use to not let you block texts by using 9999, now it does.

    1. Thank you! Just tried it on Boost and got the confirmation (YEA!). I'll let you know if it REALLY works.

  7. used 9999 on a BOOST phone.. It blocked the number but also removed texts already received from my inbox

  8. Confirmed works on Virgin 7/1/2014

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