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Lower Data Plans Now Available from Internet On The Go

Internet On The Go, a mobile broadband MVNO operating under Sprint's network, has announced some good news. As opposed to the other MVNOs that have earlier increased the prices on their plan offerings, Internet On The Go has lowered the prices on its Forever Data plans while retaining the amount of data on the plans. With this announcement, the new Forever Data plans are now:

  • $9 plan (previously $10) - includes 300 MB of data
  • $19 plan (previously $25) - includes 1GB of data
  • $39 plan (previously $45) - includes 2GB of data
Data included on these plans never expire so long as the account remains active. This means that you need to use a minimum of 1MB data every 60 days.

If you would like to use mobile broadband service, however, you need to purchase the mobile hotspot. The good news is that there are some discounts on mobile hotspots currently available. Among the ones you can choose from include:

  • D-Link Mobile Hotspot (certified pre-owned): originally $97, now comes with 70% discount making it $29 to purchase
  • UniMax 4G LTE Hotspot: originally $99, now comes with 60% discount making it $39 to purchase
These two hotspot devices come with up to 1,000 MB of free Forever Data for a limited time period. 

You can also get Internet On The Go service through TruConnect Mobile LLC.

Source: Prepaid Mobile Phone Reviews


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  1. I like that the hot spots are not pricey like Karma's. The roll over data is a pretty cool feature too.

  2. This is good news for me! I just bought a 4G LTE-capable Internet on the Go WiFi hotspot for trips where I don't get T-Mobile signal!

    1. If you can't get a T-Mobile signal you probably won't get a Sprint signal either.

    2. That depends on where he's using the hot spot.

    3. "I don't get T-Mobile signal!" is a major problem with that network compared to AT&T or Verizon.

      Having almost always been in areas covered by Sprint but never by T-Mobile, I don't agree with the above comment.

  3. I bought one of their hotspots and a topup card a couple years ago. The hotspot is probably useless because they killed wimax but would they honor the unused topup card if I bought a new hotspot?

  4. Terrible rates, as usual.

  5. Looks like only the cheaper hotspot is available, which does not say 4G. Their site has a minimum amount of info, which tends to make me want to steer clear.

  6. This company (Truconnect) used to be good but is now owned by liars and crooks. Before their recent website 'upgrade' I could view my account balance and usage; after the upgrade my balance mysteriously dropped 800mb, even though my device has been turned off during this period. They now have no record of usage; luckily I have screenshots with dates. Good luck getting a reply from anyone at this company. I would stay far away from them.

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