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TPO Mobile and SpeedTalk Mobile Announce New Promo Offers on RingPlus

Just recently, RingPlus sent out an email to forum members where they announced TPO Mobile and SpeedTalk Mobile promotions. The email details the exclusive promotion offers offered by the two MVNOs to the community. According to RingPlus, interested individuals do not need to sign up for access to the forum in order to enjoy the deals.

TPO Mobile Promotions

Elder Plan - $5.99/month 
Promotion starts from 8am Saturday, April 22, 2017 until 9pm Tuesday, April 25, 2017 (Eastern)

This plan includes 150 minutes and 150 SMS/MMS. It is suitable for customers who do not need data usage allotment in their monthly plan. The plan also includes international calling at very competitive rates.

Composed Plan - $14.99/month
Promotion runs between 7pm-11pm (Eastern) on Sunday, April 23, 2017, and 1pm-11pm (Eastern) on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This plan comes with unlimited talk, text, MMS, and 250 MB of full speed data. International calling is also available at very compatible rates.

Both of the promotional plans offered by TPO Mobile  have a usage safety cap to help its users avoid incurring overage charges. For individuals who require more talk or text, the plan can be recharged online to restart the clock and replenish the allotted minutes or texts. Any upgrades to other plans with data allotments may be recharged at any time as well.

You can switch off auto renewal for $5/month. This helps when you want to take a break from the plan you are using.

For more information on these plans, visit TPOMobile.

SpeedTalk Mobile Promotions

Now Plan (TSP2F) - $9.99/month
Promotion runs on Monday, April 24, 2017 from 6pm until 11pm (Pacific)

This plan includes 500 talk, 500 SMS/MMS, and 750 MB LTE full-speed data. Overage rate and pay-as-you-go data is charged at $0.10. An Auto Top Up of $19.99 is required. The plan runs on the T-Mobile network.

Hello Plan (TSP1F) - $2.99/month (Flash promo)
Promotion runs on Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 1pm until 9pm (Pacific)

This plan includes 100 talk, 100 SMS/MMS, and 100 MB LTE full-speed data. Overage rate is charged at $0.05. An Auto Top Up of $9.99 is required. The plan runs on the T-Mobile network.

Text Plan (VSP2S) - $9.99/month
Promotion runs on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 from 7pm until 10pm (Pacific) on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

This plan includes 100 talk, unlimited SMS/MMS, and 250 MB LTE full-speed data. Overage rate is charged at $0.05. An Auto Top Up of $19.99 is required. The plan runs on CDMA Verizon BYOD for eligible devices.

Quality Plan (VSP2F) - $19.99/month
Promotion runs on Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 11am until 10pm (Pacific) on Monday, April 24, 2017.

This plan includes unlimited talk, unlimited SMS/MMS, and 1,000 MB LTE full-speed data. Overage rate is charged at $0.03. An Auto Top Up of $5 is required. The plan runs on CDMA Verizon BYOD for eligible devices.

For SpeedTalk Mobile plans, an auto Top-Up is required to cover overages. If the Top-Up balance reaches $2, another Auto Top-Up will occur and will be automatically charged to the credit card on file. To know more about these plans, visit SpeedTalk Mobile.

Source: BestMVNO


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  1. More MVNO shell games. Just tit-for-tat moves. Appreciate you PPN.

  2. RingPlus? The last thing we need are RingPlus type plans with top-offs that are followed by a company going out of business. After reviewing the names of the RP clone plans, I have a few suggestions: 1) Pyramind Scheme plan.
    2) Sucker Born Every Minute plan.
    I lost money on RP, and I refused to go over to Ting to recoup my losses.

    1. I went over to Ting. and they have been giving me the $35 "come over from Ring Plus!" bonus each month. Not bad.

      Seriously, Ting has such an amazingly clear and well done and honest web site. The opposite of FreedomPop, which is all about bait-and-switch, deception, and a flurry of tricks in which you end up buying something even after you say no.

      Too bad Ting's prices aren't more competitive, and it's network isn't a stallion but instead a dead horse.

  3. Why soil yourself by helping to prop up this shady ass Ring Plus company?

  4. I'm unimpressed, not surprised that liberal carriers in bed with one another, and concerned that these carriers don't realize how badly RingPlus' blatant ponzi scheme damaged their brand amongst serious subscribers.

    Everything they're involved in should be treated as suspect.

    Otherwise, you might as well take investment advice from Bernie Madoff, a guy who "made off" with everyone's money.

    Funny thing is, so did RingPlus.

    As for the plans, you know they're trash when data overages are only as low as $30/GB.

    Data rates were a lot less competitive than they are now back at the beginning of 2015, at which time RP had overages of only 2 cents.

    Then they added $8/GB addons to make it even cheaper.

    Data rates have since become even better, with Metro setting the current price cap for truly unlimited data at $50.

    For 2GB on the "Quality" plan to still cost the same $50, it's almost like these hooligans don't know anything about the current state of the prepaid market.

    Either that, or they're intentionally trying to scam people who don't know any better.

    And since they're in league with RP, it really might be the latter.

    1. What's a "liberal carrier"?

    2. "What's a "liberal carrier"?"

      An aircraft carrier named after a liberal President, such as USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23), as opposed to conservative carriers such as USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76),

    3. I don't think there is much wrong with the plans themselves as they are very competitive. The overages you refer to are decent if you look at them as a low use payasyougo provider. 3c a min/mb/text is pretty good in that circle. So the Hello plan works out very nicely for a low user (tmobile itself gives 30 mins OR texts for the same price with 10c overages).

      The "quality plan" is actually a decent offering if you trust the provider. Unlimited talk and text and 1gb LTE on verizon for $19.99. That would be $24.99 at boom for example.

      The key being if you trust the provider now that they associate themselves so closely with ringplus and even do the same flash promos and stupid auto top ups. A bad move in my opinion. Great way to hurt your image.

    4. "What's a "liberal carrier"?"

      Carriers who act in politically motivated or correct ways, a la TPO's White Powe- I mean Woman Power promotion.

      RingPlus themselves cracked down on posters who criticized their zanier shenanigans or used any sort of humor, a staple tactic of the "humorless left" which curtails speech to avoid offending anyone (including the always-offended moderation team).

      That's actually what led to their downfall, as dismissing valid criticism as "trolling" and refusing to address problems with the carrier (i.e. the fact that it was a ponzi scheme) caused an inevitable collapse when it turned out that running a successful business took more than whining about hurt feelings and silencing everyone you disagree with.

      I haven't noticed any poor behavior from SpeedTalk, but it's association with the former two is still enough to raise eyebrows.

      Granted, TPO and SpeedTalk might still turn out to be reputable MVNOs, but this isn't exactly the way to project thst image.

      "The "quality plan" is actually a decent offering if you trust the provider. Unlimited talk and text and 1gb LTE on verizon for $19.99. That would be $24.99 at boom for example. "

      Personally, I'd go for the extra $5 just to be safe.

      Boom seems to be a credible and trustworthy MVNO, and I think they've even posted a few helpful comments here.

      That and the apparent lack of shills is a pretty good sign they're legit.

    5. Sounds like we have a BOOM shill in the house! LOL

    6. ....or in the basement of Mom's house, anyway.

  5. Sprint-based MVNOs and brands are the clowns of mobile world. They provide amusement value and little else.

    But if you aren't wise with your pennies and sign up, you will find they are more Pennywise than they are Krusty.

    1. Sprint's own home brew MVNO of Boost is the biggest clown of them all...

    2. Both run on tmobile. Speedtalk adds verizon.

    3. Clowns are terrifying.

      Sprint is more like a band of bad street musicians who can't afford lessons.

      That, and their manager/benefactor wants to pawn them off on anyone who'll take 'em after realizing what worthless pieces of crap they all are.

      It's funny but also pathetic.

      That's why it's a good thing both TPO and SpeedTalk use Tmo...except it isn't.

      They're now competing with Ultra's Mintsim, which offers much better deals than RingPlus style flash promos ever will.

      Until the daring duo get into the lifetime 5k/5k/5k range for only one top-up of $50, they just won't be very competitive amongst heavy, high-paying users.

      Then again, if they did offer something competitive, would anyone even trust them to stay in business?

      It's badically a no win scenario when Ultra's set the margins are as low as ~$3/GB.

    4. "Sprint is more like a band of bad street musicians who can't afford lessons."

      Or, in analogy to them hoarding spectrum and doing nothing with it, they are a street brass band who can't afford lessons because they spent all their money on boxes of percussion and wind sheet music.

  6. Hello Plan (TSP1F) - $2.99/month (Flash promo) is the plan im going to get. How do you get a speedtalk sim card ahead of the flash promo?

    1. You must buy one from speedtalk website.

    2. You don't - you get one with your order.

  7. Dennis & Christine, You don't see writing/promoting Ringplus as damaging to your reputation?

    1. They report, we decide.

    2. News is news.

      They're not forcing you to give these guys your money, and we can all enjoy a taking good whack at some easy targets who don't quite "get" the very market they're competing in.

      Sure, good news would be appreciated, but Mintsim's $33/10GB plan is the current best offering and MVNOs aren't exactly eager to compete in the $10/2.5GB to $20/5GB range.

    3. The mintsim fanboys are almost as bad as the rp fanboys.
      I wouldn't waste my time with either!

    4. There's just one fanboy, me, because I use the current best deals as a compass for how competitive other carriers and plans are.

      I used to be big on RingPlus too (until they went full miser), as well as Cricket (until their customer service went full Tracfone), T-mobile (until Mintsim came along) and H2O (until they turned out to be all around terrible).

      If another carrier (that isn't downright bad) one-ups Mintsim, I'd start mentioning them instead.

      After all, the point of going prepaid is to get the most bang for your buck.

  8. TPO already has a dubious reputation from its Soviet/Orwellian naming conventions. But I've honestly not heard of this Speed outfit before. Why would they want the bad publicity that comes with putting on clown makeup and joining the Ringling Plus Circus?

    1. I agree but there is a sucker born every minute.

    2. And Ring Plus' endless cavalcade of plans was the clown car.

  9. metro pcs unlimited calls unlimited texts and 6gb data per line 2 lines $60.00

    1. That's not a current MetroPCS deal. Now it's two unlimited lines for $80.

    2. Single lines were also $40 if you hit them up during the lifetime 20% off promo.

  10. New Plan Just Announced for Verizon:

    On CDMA - Nations Largest LTE Network - Verizon BYOD ok for eligible devices
    Now until Today April 21, 2017 11pm Pacific
    Up Plan (VSP1S)

    $7.99/month* for 100 talk, 200 text (MMS/SMS), 300 MB Lte full speed data

    Overage and rate $0.02
    Auto Top Up: $9.99

    1. nice plan actually

    2. Until grandpa streams an episode or two of Big Time RV, then calls you up wondering why the interwebs doesn't work on this newfangled plan you put him on.

      Anything less than 3GB is like driving a 10mpg car on the highway.

    3. This is fine if you like watching a Sleestak, a zombie, a mailman, and a mummy compete in a foot-race.

      "Anything less than 3GB is like driving a 10mpg car on the highway."

  11. If these MVNOs want to offer these promos why don't they announce and post the details on their own sites? Why are they filtering through Ringplus website. If I have a question why I have to join Ringplus forum to get answers? Bogus. I'll pass.

    1. Access to a mailing list with 50-100k potential customers.

      Ringplus probably specified they had to use the forum for plan info as a condition of the deal.

      I imgaine the reach of their own website or promotional channels is limited.

    2. I certainly hope RP doesn't give up those 50-100K potential customers without getting at least a little revenue for supplying those prospects. OH WAIT--never mind--they were giving away a lot of everything to the entitled, ungrateful people for years without any payback!

    3. "giving away a lot of everything to the entitled, ungrateful people for years without any payback!"

      This meme again.

      They weren't giving away a usable amount of data for free, and it certainly wasn't a lot of data until near the very end of their life.

      As for the whole "entitlement" thing, that's just whining to downplay the fact that they almost always excluded the existing lines of paying customers from the best newest deals.

      They added some archaic mailing list to supposedly give out chances to get on the newer plans, but showing favoritism to only a select few customers was definitely a cause for criticism.

      Don't even get me started on how they jacked up overages and promotional top-ups on paying customers, which could definitely be called "payback," or how they were only operational for a few years to begin with.

      Then there was the lifetime membership fee which was a condition of other good promos, but which they also jacked up by more than 200% IIRC just to spite late-comers. Payback indeed.

      Anyway, unless you were an unreasonably light user for 3 years straight, the service wasn't anywhere near smooth sailing or the free ride its shills claim it was.

      And it's exactly because they catered solely to people who barely used their phones, while bitterly screwing over their higher-paying membership with promotion lockouts, that the entire scheme failed.

      Ironically, that makes RingPlus the entitled, ungrateful one for not truly appreciating the crucial patronage of their perpetually shouted down yet highest PAYING subscriber base.

      I mean, if you're an MVNO and your whales tell you to add more data and open promotions to existing lines, and you instead spurn them at the insistence of sub-250mb free riders who're too miserly to contribute even a single dollar, you're basically pissing away revenue, customers and word of mouth advertising just to cater to those as entitled and ungrateful as yourself.

      I think that's actually the best point that can be made, that RP and its shills were the self-obsessed ones the entire time, despite the best efforts of the paying minority to recommend better long-term business practices for adding and placating the happy PAYING customers that their long-term solvency depended on.

      It also goes to show the wisdom of those paying customers, whose greater financial stake in the service gave them better insight into the carrier's screwups than corporate toadies and their mindless leeches who just wanted their light-use 2013/2014 free plans 100% subsidized by someone else's dime, even though a low monthly fee with 2 cent overages would've still been a great value.

      Honestly, the entire thing was a complete crapfest and I'm glad it's finally over.

      It was an unwelcome display of how split a community can become when those who already "got theirs" turn on those who still need more, even though we're all supposed to be in this prepaid market together.

    4. " OH WAIT--never mind--they were giving away a lot of everything to the entitled, ungrateful people for years without any payback! "

      Actually, RingPlus sold plans and took people's money, and didn't deliver, in fact in many cases they cut people off for using a fraction of the data they paid for.

    5. "I mean, if you're an MVNO and your whales tell you to add more data and open promotions to existing lines, and you instead spurn them..."

      Are these by any chance spurn whales?

    6. "at the insistence of sub-250mb free riders who're too miserly to contribute even a single dollar"

      What? there were free riders? Tell me about any of these plans.

    7. "What? there were free riders? Tell me about any of these plans."

      Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but there were a bunch of free plans offered before, during and possibly after they started adding mandatory top-ups and membership fees to everything.

      In other words, a bunch of RP's customers were (and remained) free riders who never contributed a red cent to RP.

      And when RP's growth started to slow because their data offerings weren't cheap enough for the more tech savvy "data hogs," who still expected nearly free service to compensate for Sprint's terrible network (and for whom a bad network was that much more of an impediment), those same free riders came out in full force to whine about entitlement and ingrates.

      Basically, the RP boomers got theirs so their attitude became "screw everyone else."

      In the end, the old guard's shilling, which in turn fueled and gave cover to terrible business decisions, is what brought down both the carrier AND the very plans they clung to.

      The lack of revenue from those free (and later "one-time top-up") riders, as well as the potential ruination of their reputation from cancelling any of them (as they did with their first unsustainable foray into free service) or raising their monthly costs, left RP stuck in a corner they backed themselves into, in part because they chose to use a shoddy network with a low value ceiling in the first place.

      Granted, they were also gimped by Sprint shutting down prepaid activations, which were RP's main source of "new" activations.

      But that wouldn't have been an issue if they'd adjusted their prices, started charging freeloaders, and then re-tooled their promotions to be more generous to account for the drastically increased financial barrier to entry (to the tune of hundreds of dollars or more) for those looking to upgrade to more high-spec phones as Android versions and apps became more demanding post-Kitkat.

      Ultimately, their blind loyalty to the most selfish block of customers (to the detriment of all others) turned out to be their undoing.

      On a side note, the fact that a number of those early plans targeted liberal hubs like New York and Cali only made the entire fiasco that much more anvilicious, since the entire thing (catering to the coasts, taking marching orders from the economically inept, and ignoring all valid criticism) now comes off as downright Clintonian in retrospect.

      It really is quite the microcosm, showing that the quickest way to kill a golden goose is indeed an inflexible devotion to certain groups over others.

      And if I were to make a prediction, I wouldn't be surprised if identity consumerism wound up bringing down these new RP style plans (and maybe even their carriers) as well.

      It's only a matter of time before the new guya grow big enough to start taking marching orders from social media.

      At that point, it wouldn't hurt to have a Plan B.

    8. All the plans I saw required at least some payment. Even an initial top-up. Were there actual free plans??

  12. "giving away a lot of everything?" "entitled, ungrateful people?" Is that how it worked? WOW!!

    1. It only worked poorly for some and they are still complaining about it. We had four phones all of which had no more than 5 bucks in top-up, we never paid more, we never went over, we never bought M+, we never bought the shill hyperbole here, on slickdeals or on Social. Anyone that paid more than a few bucks and is now complaining, well that's their fault. Thanks to them for paying our phone bill for 4+ years. RP had a simple company vision from the beginning, "free service for everyone" not sure why that changed but to those that felt it necessary to contribute to a new plan time and time again, thank you.

  13. What does any of the above several replies have to do with TPO or Speedtalk?
    Ring Plus is dead. Anonymous with about 10 paragraphs above can't seem to get over it. Get back on topic, jeez.

    1. Sadly that same person would buy into the hype if rp were to startup again. Nothing more than a sore loser if you ask me.

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