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Straight Talk Wireless Offering Unlimited Data on $55 Plan New Activations

straight talk wireless unlimited data $55 plan
A user on Howard Forums posted a new promotion Straight Talk Wireless is currently offering to its new customers. The posters are from Anderson, the advertisement company of Walmart.

According to the post, customers can get unlimited 4G LTE data with the purchase of any new Straight Talk Samsung phone at any Walmart store and activate it as a new line under the $55 plan. Originally, the plan comes with 15GB of 4G LTE data but the MVNO has made this unlimited data offer available for a limited time.

The devices available under Straight Talk Wireless' $55 plan include the following options:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro
There are still other Samsung models to choose from but they were not included on the poster. You can check with Straight Talk Wireless' website. There is also no confirmation whether this offer is available nationwide or regional only. However, since it is not online, it could be a regional offer.

The poster shares that this promotion is exclusively available to new activations so BYOP or existing customers are not eligible for the promotion.

This offer ends on November 20, 2017.

Update 10/5/2017: The unlimited data offer is also available online at https://get.straighttalk.com/galaxy/. The only phones currently available for the offer online are the $659 Galaxy S8 and the $759 Galaxy S8+.  Both phones are available in zip code 73949 which is a Verizon market, but not in 65046, an AT&T market.

Source: Howard Forums


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  1. which company is straight talk using for this promo

  2. EyeAmNoLongerInfectedOctober 5, 2017 at 3:27 AM

    Top 3% of Data users (>32GB Month) may notice reduced speeds.

    32 GB of Verizon LTE for $55?
    Hella yeah!
    If only they allowed BYOP :-(

  3. Here is the web link for the deal ONLINE... https://get.straighttalk.com/galaxy/

  4. Has got to be using T-Mobile's network if deprioritization is at 32GB.

  5. I rather choose BYOP simple mobile's unlimited plan ($50 / $45 auto reup). TracFone locked phone is useless.

  6. Does the plan revert back to 12 GB after the promo ends?

  7. Only devices offered on the web site for my ZIP are S8 and S8+. Nothing cheaper. Also the "32GB" moniker seems to indicate Tea Mobile network but there is no Tea Mobile in my neck of the woods.

  8. The fine print shows a 32GB soft-cap which was T-Mobile's old cap. I can't imagine Tracfone negotiated a better deal than Comcast that uses a 20GB cap and 1.5mbit throttle.

    1. Customers in T-Mobile markets probably get T-Mobile network phones. In Verizon-only markets they will get Verizon phones but the deprioritization cap is probably lower. The lower cap probably won't be disclosed. Clear communication with customers is not a TracFone strong point.

  9. Still no data increase on the lowest tier plan, still no affordably priced mid-range Verizon alternative to the overpriced S6.

    Nothing to see here.

  10. Read fine print. Phone has to remain active. That means if you fail to pay bill early and get shut off for even one day, you lose your precious straight crap unlimited. Same goes for net10's double data. Majority of customers will lose this promotion within the first 3 months. Walmarts target customer may not always be able to pay on time or early.

    1. Straight Talk's still cheaper than postpaid, and definitely easier to pay off than a $150 Verizon line.

      It's just that postpaid's target customers throw money around without a second thought, which means they might just wind up in wally world anyway.

      You know what they say about fools and their money.

  11. I've been considering an "unlimited" deal from somewhere for a while. DSL and cable aren't available where I am, so for home Internet I have a choice of cellular or satellite. Verizon and US Cellular are the only national carriers in my area (Sprint is 70 miles, ATT is 30), really wish they would offer practical home options, throttled or whatever, when there are less than a couple hundred households on their towers here. "Cool story bro", I know.

    Anyway, I've been playing with the website link. It says unlimited with Samsung, I click buy now and put in my zipcode, it gives me 3 different S8+ choices, and on S8. I choose the S8 at $659, add to cart at full retail, plan choices don't reflect unlimited anywhere, $55 shows 15GB cap. I tried other zipcodes where I know other carriers like tmobile would have coverage, it still doesn't reflect online, wouldn't care to try it if it didn't state that and haven't contacted them (I know support stinks). Haven't looked in Walmart to see if this promo is listed there (it's 70 miles away).

    I'm curious if the plan is "unlimited", if the Samsung phone has to be the one that remains active, or if the sim can be moved to another phone after activated (it just says plan must remain active on the website, don't see where it states that phone has to remain active). I only use cheap phones because I have no use for fancy ones and they are in high risk use (break easy with what I do), but would like some data to use services like Netflix once in a while (would be nice in this day and age). And I don't want to pay much more than this for service (I pay $85 for the year of service with Tracfone, more talk and text than I use).

    Straight talk has 20% off of phone and service bundles with ST20OFF, plus ebates has 11% back.

    1. I haven't heard from anyone who has actually purchased the S8 or S8+ with unlimited data. With out a success story or two, I'd be very leary of giving ST that much money, when their website doesn't confirm that you are actually getting unlimited data after you put the phone in the cart.

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