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BoostMobile Sanyo Incognito $69.99 at BestBuy Through Saturday

BestBuy has the Sanyo SCP6760 Incognito for Boostmobile on sale this week for $69.99 in store only. Regular price is $99.99.  The sale ends Saturday 2/5.

The Incognito is getting a little long in the tooth but is still argably Boost's best non-smartphone.

It's a clamshell style QWERTY phone with an excelent four row keyboard and decent 340x220px, 2.6 inch internal screen.  There's a 2.0MP camera with video,  stereo Bluetooth compatibility and a MP3 player.

It's also one of the few 3G devices on Boost and can play videos from YouTube's mobile site. The Incognito supports installing Java apps from third partysites like GetJar. Opera Mini 5.1 works quite well on the Incognito for browsing although there are some issues with typing special characters.

The Incognito's weak point is the external touch screen which is not very sensitive or accurate  nd can be frustrating to use for dialing.  Fortunately voice dialing is supported and you can dial numbers using the internal keyboard with the flip open. Still it's an excellent phone for seventy bucks.

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  1. I don't get good service with Boost in my area of Gilmer, Texas. When I go in stores my service end and in most of the outside areas here. Thats why I didn't pay $50.00 this month. I think I will change to another prepaid service. I have a special needs child and I need service where every I am. When will Boost start roming or extend to more areas? I do like my phone and would like to keep my service but this is my problem. Please contact me if you start to get more towers or more area service in my area. A still want to be costomer.

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