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Confirmed: Virgin Mobile to get the LG Optimus

Update 1/30/2010: the Optimus is now available online at Radio Shack for $149.99 with free shipping to any Radio Shack store.

In response to a question, Virgin Mobile posted the following on their Facebook page today:

"...We have been informed that we are getting the LG Optimus, but we do not have an exact date yet. The exact date will be posted when it is available. Thanks for inquiring!"

This is very exciting news. The Optimus has consistently been getting rave reviews as the best of the current crop of low price Android smartphones. It ships with Froyo (Android 2.2) and will supposedly be upgradeable to Gingerbread.

I'm guessing that the Optimus is coming to Virgin's Beyond Talk plans, which start at $25/month for 300/min plus unlimited texts and data. It will make a nice upgrade from Virgin's current flagship, the Android toting Samsung Intercept QWERTY slider.

The pure touch (no physical QWERTY) Optimus has a much better screen than the Intercept and faster and smoother UI transitions as well.

The Optimus is already available at a much higher monthly cost on MetroPCS prepaid and Sprint, Verizon (as the Vortex), US Cellular and T-Mobile contract plans.

I'm definitely looking forward to the Optimus on Virgin. 

via: Phonenews.com

Image - LG Electronics

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