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T-Mobile Comet - The 1st sub-$100 Prepaid Android Phone

Right Now T-Mobile is offering  the T-Mobile Comet™Prepaid Phone for $119.99.  To sweeten the deal, TMO is throwing in a $25 refill card that can be used with any of the operator's prepaid, no-contract plans.

Update 2/02/2011. The fun is over for now. The free refill offer has ended and the Comet is now listed as "temporarily out of stock".

To get the $119.99 price and free refill card start here; scroll down to the Comet. You will see that T-Mobile has bundled a $30 refill with the phone (in addition to the free $25 card) bringing the total price to $149.99. Click the refill card dropdown and choose "none" to remove the card and get the $119,99 price.

The Comet is known to the rest of the wold as the Huawei Ideos. It's a small phone (104 x 56 x 13mm) with a small 2.8 inch screen. The screen's resolution is 240 x 320 px which is low, especially for an Android phone. There's a fixed-focus 3.2 MegaPixel camera without flash.

The Comet is blessed with Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) which is the newest release in general circulation. There's a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and WIFI.

I haven't used this phone but the consensus of most reviews (Engadget, PCMag, Phone Arena, CNET) I seen is that it's a decent entry level Android smartphone with its weakest areas being the screen and camera.

If you want to see what Android is all about, the Comet is the least expensive way to get started in initial cost.  T-Mobile's no contract plans start at $10 for 3 months and there's a $15/month unlimited text package. For data you can use WiFi for free in lots of cafes or purchase a $1.50 day pass for 24 hours of unlimited (throttled after 30 MB) mobile data.

I doubt this deal will last more than a few days so hop on it now. Shipping is free although T-Mobile does add on sales tax in all States that have a tax.

image - T-Mobile

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