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Virgin Mobile's LG Optimus to sell for $149.99!

Android Central has posted an image of what looks to be point of sale advertising showing a price of $149.99 for Virgin Mobile's forthcoming LG Optimus V, a very sweet Android phone. That's a really good deal for any no-contract Android phone, especially one as recent and as nice as the Optimus. It's actually rather hard to believe as Virgin sells the markedly inferior Samsung Intercept for $249.99.

Actually that price scares me a bit. I'm afraid it could mean that Virgin plans to impose a monthly data surcharge for using this phone. The precedent already exists with the BlackBerry Curve which costs $10 more per month to use on Virgin.

Update 1/30/2010: the Optimus is now available online at Radio Shack for $149.99 with free shipping to any Radio Shack store.  This also available in any Radio Shack stores at the same price. Best of all there is no data surcharge. The Optimus can be activated on any of the regular Beyond Talk plans including the $25 plan.

Image - Android Central

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