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$10 off $40 Radio Shack Coupon

If you are thinking of buying the $149.99 Optimus V for Virgin Mobile, for a limited time Radio Shack is giving away a $10 gift card with the phone on in-store purchases.  But it gets better, click here to get a printable coupon giving $10 off any purchase of $40 or more. You can use the gift card toward a Virgin Mobile refill making the effective cost of the phone only $129.99 plus sales tax.

Do not try to use the image in this post as a coupon.  The real coupon has a one-time usage code on it. You must click the link above to generate your unique coupon.

The $10 off $40 coupon is valid through 03/12/11. I'm not sure when the $10 gift card offer ends but people on the slickdeals.net forum are reporting that it still works as of today, Feb 10, 2010. Update: Expired


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