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Incognito Price Rollback $79.99 on BoostMobile.com

BoostMobile.com has cut the price of the popular Sanyo Incognito from $99.99 to $79.99. Shipping is free. The clamshell style QWERTY Incognito is one of Boost's few 3G phones and also one of the few that can stream videos from the YouTube mobile site. I suspect that the price was cut to make room for Incognito's replacement, the similar but smaller and lighter Sanyo Inuendo.

Other features of the Incognito are a 2.0 MP camera with video, and an MP3 player with stereo Bluetooth support.

The Incognito's external touch screen is not very sensitive or accurate and can be frustrating to use for dialing. Voice dialing is supported and you can easily dial numbers with the flip open using the internal keyboard.

Update: The Incognito is back in stock at BoostMobile.com  and RadioShack also has the phone for $79.99 at most stores.


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