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Prepaid Phones on Sale 2/27/2011 - 3/5/2011

The hottest deal this week has got to be BestBuy's LG Optimus V Android phone (image) for Virgin Mobile which is going for $129.99 online or in stores.  Shipping is $5.99 and BestBuy.com charges sales tax in all states that have a sales tax.

Other prepaid phone deals this week. Except as noted all are available online and in stores:


Free Net10 Motorola W408 flip phone (reg $29.99) with the purchase of a $50 refill. (online only,  shipping is $5.99)

Cricket  MSGM8 II QWERTY bar $49.99 (reg $69.99) (in store only)


Virgin Mobile Rumor Touch $99.99 (reg $149.99) (stores only)

Boost Mobile Sanyo Incognito QWERTY flip $59.99 (reg 79.99)  (stores only)

T-Mobile Nokia Nuron Symbian touchscreen $99.99 (reg $129.99) (stores only)

Multiple users on Howard Forums have reported seeing the T-Mobile Huawei Comet Android phone for $99.99 as an unadvertised special at Target stores. The deal has been sighted in North Carolina, Georgia and Pittsburgh PA.


A free $30 refill is included with almost all phones at T-Mobile.com. (online only)  The Comet Android Phone is out of stock however.

Radio Shack

AT&T Nokia 2320 bar phone $14.99 (reg $19.99) (stores only)

Boost Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8530 $179.99  with free shipping (reg $199.99)

AT&T Samsung A187 QWERTY bar phone $49.99  (reg $79.99) (out of stock online)

AT&T Samsung A197 flip phone $29.99 with $15 call credit (reg $49.99)

AT&T LG Neon QWERTY slider $49.99 with free shipping (reg $79.99)

Net 10 LG 900G QWERTY bar $29.99 with free shipping (reg $59.99)

Net 10 Samsung R335 flip $29.99 with free shipping (reg $59.99)

Net 10 Samsung T201 flip -  free (reg $19.99) with purchase of $50 refill (stores only)

T-Mobile Samsung t139 flip $19.99 (reg $29.99)


Beyond Talk LG Rumor 2 QWERTY slider $49.99 (reg $89.99) with free shipping.

Beyond Talk Rumor Touch touch screen QWERY slider $99.99 (reg. $149.99) with free shipping.

Beyond Talk Samsung Intercept Android QWERTY slider $199.99 (reg. $249.99) with free shipping.

Beyond Talk BlackBerry Curve 8530 $199.99 (reg $249.99) $159.99 at Walmart (see below)

Beyond Talk Kyocera Loft QWERTY bar $49.99 (reg $69.99)

payLo Samsung M340 flip $19.99 (reg $29.99)

payLo LG 101 bar $14.99 with $14.99 in free airtime (new customers only)


Virgin Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8530 $159.00, (reg: $198.00) (online only)

Virgin Mobile LG Rumor2 $39.00 (reg $49.99)

AT&T Nokia C3  QWERTY slab  $59.00 (reg $69.00) (online only)

AT&T Samsung A107 flip $14.88 (reg:19.88)

NET10 Samsung T401G QWERTY slider $56.88 (reg: $79.88).

T-Mobile Huawei Tap touchscreen $89.00 (reg $99.00)


The AT&T website offers free shipping and a $25 online discount on almost all their prepaid phones. There are also some good deals on refurbished phones this week

Nokia 2720 flip $5.99

Samsung A777 slider $34.99 ($219.99 if new)

Nokia 6350 flip $39.99 ($179.99 new)

Sony Ericsson W518a Walkman flip $39.99 ($199.99 new)


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