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Verizion Prepaid MVNO Page Plus Reduces Data and Text Prices

Good news for Page Plus Cellular users!

The MVNO, which offers service on the Verizon network, sent the following email to their dealers today.

"More Data, Messages Added to 1200 Plan: We are very pleased to announce that effective Thursday, February 17th, the Talk n Text 1200 plan will now include 100 MB of data and 2,000 text/MMS messages. The data overage rate has also been lowered from $.60/MB to $.15 for both the Talk n Text 1200 and Unlimited Talk n Text plans. A customer on either plan will now be able to add $10 to their account, for example, to get an additional 66 MB of data usage.

In addition, the overage rate for voice minutes on the Talk n Text 1200 plan has been reduced from $.12 to $.10 per minute. The Talk n Text 1200 plan name will remain the same, as will the $29.95 per month price. All current Talk n Text 1200 cards/PINs already in the distribution channel WILL automatically convert to the new plan allowances when they are loaded.

We believe these exciting plan changes will be welcome news for all your customers who have been asking for more data. It is probably the biggest single request we hear. At a time when some carriers are limiting their data and moving from unlimited to tiered data pricing, we believe that these plan changes will give you an even better opportunity to offer your customers an incredibly affordable bundle plan for only $29.95 a month."

The Talk n Text 1200 plan used to include 1200 voice minutes, 1200 texts and 50 MB for 29.95/month. Page Plus has doubled the data bucket, increased the number of texts by 67% and reduces the voice and data overage rates substantially at no added cost.

I hope that the Page Plus cuts the Unlimited and Pay as You Go plan data rates too. Data is  currently $1.20/MB on Pay As You Go and the 44.95/month unlimited Plan still comes with a measly 20MB with overage at 60 cents/MB. If Page Plus can sell data profitably at 15 cents/MB to TnT 1200 plan users surely they can do the same for customers on the other plans as well.  

Update: Users on the 44.95/month Unlimited Plan are now charged $0.15/MB for usage beyond the included 20 MB. Data is still $1.20/MB on the Standard (Pay as you Go Plans)

via: Kitty Wireless Forums

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