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AT&T Lowers GoPhone Data Pricing and Adds an Android Phone

AT&T announced their first GoPhone Android device today. It's the LG Thrive (image) and appears to be identical to AT&T's LG Phoenix for postpaid customers. I have no idea why the prepaid and postpaid models have different names though it's sure to confuse users.

The Thrive is an LG Optimus One series phone and as such is very similar in feature set (3.2" 320 x 480 px screen, 3 MP autofocus camera w/o flash) to Virgin Mobile's Optimus V and T-Mobile's Optimus T. It will be available from the AT&T Website starting April 17th for $179.99

Android phones use a lot of data and AT&T has thankfully cut the cost of GoPhone data a bit. Here's a breakdown of AT&T's old and new prepaid data pricing.

Old Price Old /MB New Price New/MB
(no bundle) 0.01/KB $102 $0.002/KB $20
1 MB for $4.99 $4.99 5 MB for $5 $1
100 MB for $19.99 20 cents 100 MB for $15 15 cents
n/a n/a 500MB for $25 5 cents

The new data rates, which hopefully will be available to all GoPhone users, are a step in the right direction but not very competitive with Virgin's $25/month unlimited data messaging 300 minute plan.

Update 14-Apr-2011: The new data feature packs are now available at www.paygonline.com for users of any device on any GoPhone plan except for the $75 Unlimited Talk & Text + 200 MB Data monthly plan.

Update 18-Apr-2011: The new data packs and The Thrive are now listed listed on the AT&T site.

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