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Boost Mobile to Announce CDMA Android Phone Next Week

Boost and Samsung have scheduled a press event in New York next Tuesday, April 5th.  The invite carries the tag line "Boost and Samsung are cooking up something hot" but there's no indication of what that "something" is.

Given that all the major Android fan sites received invitations it seems like that the something hot is an Android phone. Evan at PocketNow has somehow come up with an image (below left), a name (Samsung Galaxy Prevail), a few specs (Froyo, 3.2 megapixel camera) and noted that it looks a lot like Sprint's Samsung Transform, possibly minus the Transform's sliding keyboard.

When I first saw the image (below left) on PocketNow I thought that IS the Transform with a Boost logo. But you you compare PocketNow's image (left) with the Transform (right) they are slightly different. The earpiece speaker grill is higher on the Transform and it's corners more rounded. The Boost phone seems to have more space around the screen suggesting a smaller screen, or a perhaps a larger phone body.

I'm hoping that the Boost phone, even if the screen is a little smaller, at least gets the Transform's decent 320 x 480 (HVGA) resolution and not the Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept's weak sauce 240 x 400 one. Android doesn't really look very good at anything less that HVGA resolution.

The other big question is Boost's Android plan pricing.  I think Boost, like Virgin, will not impose a surcharge.  At least not on Boost's $50/month unlimited everything plan. I hoping that the Prevail will be also be allowed on Boost Pay As You Go where you can keep a phone active for as little as $10 every three months and unlimited data is only 35 cents a day. That would be a great deal for the traditional prepaid user.

The Boost/Samsung Press event runs from 6 to 7:30 EDT, Ap. 5th. So check back here next Tuesday evening to see what Boost's Android phone is all about.

Update: A Boost dealer posted more specs and the price ($179.99) on HowardForums today. According to the post the screen size is 3.2 inches (same as the Intercept, the Transform is 3.5 inches) and the camera is 2 MP (Intercept and Transform are both 3.2 MP). While we still don't know the screen resolution, the Prevail is starting to look like a cheaper, less capable Intercept.

Via: PocketNow

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