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Boost Mobile's New Android Phone Sells Out Online In First Day

Boost Mobile released their long awaited CDMA Android phone yesterday. It's the Samsung  Galaxy Prevail and it went on sale on boostmobile.com sometime in the wee hours yesterday morning. On the the Howard Forums Boost CDMA board, the first user to report ordering the phone was at 6 AM PDT. When I checked the site at 12.40, the Prevail was sold out. Obviously Boost has a hit on its hands.

If you wanted this phone and missed out ordering it on-line it's still available at many Boost Mobile dealers and Sprint corporate stores. Demand is high so you probably want to call before running across town to a store. I wasn't able to find the Prevail in stock at any online retailers.  I expect that it will show up online at Best Buy, Target and Radio Shack within a week or two.

Now that the phone is on sale there are lots of reviews of it online. The consensus seems to be that the phone's build quality, physical design and battery life are good. The user interface is a little sluggish even compared to other low end Android phones and the camera only fair. Here are links to a few of my favorite reviews from: PhoneDog, PhoneArena, Phone Scoop and PhoneDog's two part video dogfight between the Prevail and a Metro PCS Optimus M.

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