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Sprint Pulls The Plug on Common Cents Mobile

Yesterday Sprint announced that its Common Sense Mobile prepaid brand will disappear on May 18th. Existing Common Cents customers will become Virgin Mobile PayLo customers. After the switch to Virgin, former Common Cents users can keep their 7 cents/minute with round down and 7 cents/text pricing for as long as they keep their numbers active.

Effective immediately Virgin Mobile top-cards and PINs can be used as Common Cents refills.

Sprint launched Common Cents less than a year ago. It was only available from Walmart and presumably didn't achieve much success. That's hardly a surprise to me as it didn't seem like the best plan for most people. The 7 cent per minute and 7 cent per text pricing were good but the minimum monthly cost of $15-20 was high for a plan targeted at light users. A limited selection of lackluster phones didn't help.

I think Walmart exclusivity worked against Common Cents too. America's largest retailer carries virtually every prepaid brand. Which meant that Common Sense was competing for shelf space and shopper attention with far better know brands like Verizon, T-Mobile, Boost, Tracfone and Virgin.

Ditching Common Sense makes sense. Existing customers are taken care of and Sprint can concentrate on its strong Virgin and Boost Mobile brands.


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