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StraightTalk Responds to Boost's Shrinkage With Extended Service Discounts

Taking a leaf out of Boost Mobile's book, América Móvil's Straight Talk Wireless has started offering a  discount on their Extended Service Plans, which provide 3, 6 or 12 months of unlimited talk, text and web service.

Users can now buy 3 months of unlimited talk, text and web for $125.99. Six months of service will run you $249.99 and a full year is $499.

The savings over the regular $45/month rate are relatively modest; the 3 month rate works out to $42/month,  6 month's to $41.66/month and the year price is $41.58.

In contrast, Boost Mobile's Shrinkage plan reduces it's $50/month unlimited everything price by $5/month for every 6 months that the user refills on time.  The maximum discount is $15 after 18 months at which point the user is only paying $35/month.

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  1. What a joke! why comit for 6mths for the same discount as 3 ($10 per 3mths) Who knows what better deals may come along by then?!

  2. Just to be clear can someone confirm that there are no catches and this is unlimited talk, text and data time? If so, sounds good to me

  3. Three days with straight talk - so far so good. Decent droid. decent connectivity.

  4. I have had problems with Straight Talk twice since this last 'refill'. I HAD been considering trying the 3 month deal, for convenience, not savings. I'm old, and time flies. But they have cut me off twice this time. I had to call tech support and go through about 25 minutes of crap, and no-one, including the supervisor I had to get the second time (because it wouldn't let me back in for the tech) could tell me WHY my phone would work for 10 days on a refill, and then tell me I was out of minutes, when I knew damn well I wasn't. Now I am afraid to commit for more than a month, because if this keeps happening, I'm switching to another carrier. Carmen Norwood.

  5. And yes Ginger. It is what it says it is.

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