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Prepaid Phones On Sale This Week May 29 - Jun 4

Welcome to Prepaid Phone News' regular Sunday feature listing all current prepaid phone deals in one place.

My deal of the week pick is the hot selling new Samsung Galaxy Prevail Android phone for Boost Mobile Unlimited which is on sale this week at BestBuy for $159.99, a $20 savings. This is the first time I've seen this phone for less than full retail.

Other prepaid phone deals this week: (Except as noted all are available both online and in stores).

BestBuy (Shipping is $5.99, ship to store is free)

Boost Mobile Samsung Factor flip phone $39.99 (reg $44.99)

Boost Mobile i465G Clutch QWERTY bar $39.99 (reg $79.99)

Boost Mobile Samsung Seek touchscreen QWERTY slider $99.99 (reg $149.99)

Boost Mobile Samsung Rant QWERTY slider $49.99 (reg $119.99)

Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail Android phone $159.99 (reg $179.99)

MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy Indulge  LTE Android QWERTY slider $299.99 (reg $399) (In-store only)

MetroPCS LG Optimus M Android phone $149.99 (reg $199.99)

MetroPCS LG Select flip phone $29.99 (reg $39.99) (In-store only)

Net10  LG 800G touchscreen $39.99 (reg $49.99)

Verizon Samsung Samsung u360 flip phone $9.99 (reg $19.99)

Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept Android QWERTY slider $169.99 (reg $199.99)

Amazon has free shipping on phones (online only)

AT&T LG Neon GT365 touchscreen with $15 Airtime Credit and free shipping $65.90 (reg $99.99)

AT&T LG Prime  touchscreen with $15 Airtime Credit and free shipping $79.99 (reg $99.99)

AT&T LG Thrive Android phone $179.99 with free shipping (reg $199.99)

Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept Android QWERTY slider $179.99 (reg $199.99)

Radio Shack Shipping is $6.05 unless otherwise indicated. Free Ship to Store.

AT&T Samsung A107 flip $9.99 (reg $14.99)

AT&T Samsung A197 flip phone with $15 call credit  $29.99 (reg $49.99)

AT&T LG GS390 Prime touchscreen with $15 call credit  $79.99 (reg $99.99) (In-store only)

AT&T LG Neon QWERTY bar $59.99 (reg $79.99)

Net10 Samsung 451 QWERTY slider with free shipping $29.99 (reg $79.99)

Net10 Samsung t401 QWERTY slider with free shipping $29.99 (reg $79.99)

T-Mobile Samsung t249 slider with free shipping $39.97 (reg49.97)

T-Mobile Huawei Comet Android phone ith free shipping $99.99  (reg $199.99)

T-Mobile Nokia X2 QWERTY bar with free shipping $59.99 (reg $79.99)

TracFone LG 420G $9.99 (reg $14.99)

Virgin Mobile Samsung Restore QWERTY slider $59.99 (reg $79.99)

Virgin Mobile Optimus V Android phone $149.99 (reg $199.99) (in-store only)

MetroPCS (online only) Shipping is free on all phones.

Samsung Craft LTE 4G phone $199 after mail in rebate (reg $349)

Huawei Ascend Android $99  (reg $179)

Samsung Galaxy Indulge Android LTE 4G QWERTY slider $299  (reg $399)

LG Optimus M Android $149 after mail in rebate (reg $228)

Samsung Messager III QWERTY slider $69 (reg $119)

Samsung Freeform II QWERTY bar $39 (reg $99)

Kyocera Laylo slider $39 (reg $59)

Kyocera Torino QWERTY bar $29 (reg $69) (in-store only)

Huawei M228 bar phone $29 (reg $49)

Target (in-store only)

Boost Mobile Samsung Factor flip phone with free $10 Target gift card $39.99 (reg $49.99)

T-Mobile Nokia Nuron Symbian phone $99.99 (reg $129.99)

Virgin Mobile BlackBerry 8530 $179.99 (reg $199.99)


AT&T Samsung A107 flip $9.98 (reg:14.88)

NET10 Samsung T401G QWERTY slider $56.88 (reg: $79.88)

Straight Talk LG 290C slider $59.88 (reg $69.88)

Straight Talk LG 420G flip $29.99 (reg $49.99)

Straight Talk LG 620G slider $38.54 (reg $59.98)

Straight Talk Nokia E71 QWERTY bar smartphone $169.00 (reg $199.99)

Straight Talk Samsung R355C QWERTY bar $69.88 (reg $74.88)

Straight Talk Samsung T255 flip $29.88 (reg $39.98)

T-Mobile Nokia 1616 candybar $19.88 (reg $29.88)

T-Mobile Prepaid 4G Mobile MiFi Hotspot $119.00 (reg $140.88)

T-Mobile Rocket 4G USB Laptop Stick $49.99 (reg $79.99)

Virgin Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8530 $148.00 (reg: $198.00) (online only)

Virgin Mobile LG Rumor2 QWERTY Slider $39.00 (reg $49.99). Also available online only with free car charger at the same $39.99 price.

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go 3G USB Adapter $78.54 (reg $98.54)

Straight Talk (online only) Has refurbished phones for as little as $10. Free shipping on all phones.

Free LG 220C flip when you purchase a $30 All You Need or $45 Unlimited refill.

NET10 (online only) Free shipping on all phones over $19.99.

Free LG 300G bar, Samsung T201G flip, Samsung T401G QWERTY slider or Motorola EM326G slider  with purchase of $25 750 minute card.

Free LG 300G bar or Samsung T201G flip plus a free $20.00 gift card with purchase of $50 unlimited refill card.

TracFone (online only) Free shipping on all phones.

Free LG 420GLG 600G, Motorola W376g flip,  or Samsung T301G slider with double minutes for life with purchase of a $19.99 60 Minute card.

PlatinumTel (online only)

Samsung M600 UpStage music phone $49.99 (reg $79.99)

Samsung Instinct M800 Touchscreen phone Free with purchase of a $100 Real PAYGO refill (reg $99.99) Use coupon code TSFREE

Sanyo Zio Android phone $219.99 (reg $299.99)

AT&T (online only)

The AT&T Website offers free shipping on all phones and $5-$30 online-only discounts on most phones. There are also some good deals on refurbished phones with free shipping again this week

AT&T F160 bar with 3MP camera $14.99 (149.99 if new)

Pantech Impact QWERTY flip $89.99 ($229.99 if new)

Pantech Link QWERTY bar $24.99 ($1599.99 if new)

Samsung A777 slider $24.99 (reg $229.99)

T-Mobile (online only) has some good deals on refurbished phones this week. Shipping is free on all phones.

LG Optimus T Android phone 119.99 ($239.99 if new)

T-Mobile Comet Android $99.99 ($149.99 new)

LG dLite bubble gum pink flip $49.99 ($179.99 if new)

Samsung Gravity T touchscreen QWERTY slider with free $30 refill card $79.99 ($219.99 if new)


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