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Unlimited Data Coming to T-Mobile's $50, $70 Monthly Prepaid Plans

Over at HowardForums, several users on T-Mobile's $70 monthly prepaid plan  have reported receiving texts from T-Mobile saying:
"Free T-Mobile Msg: Congrats, we are upgrading your plan to have unlimited web at no additional cost. Questions? Visit www.t-mobile.com/web70.aspx"

The the link takes you to a page (image above) that says;
"Good news— on May 22 we’re upgrading your monthly plan to include unlimited high-speed Internet access, at no additional cost to you!
Your monthly plan will include Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and Unlimited High Speed Internet access, so you can enjoy up to 4G speeds for:
Video and music streaming
Online gaming
GPS navigation
App downloads
And more!"
There's a similar page at www.t-mobile.com/web50.aspx  (image below) that's apparently for user's on the $50 plan, which currently provides unlimted text and talk and 100 MB of data. The wording on the $50 page is similar except for the line: "Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and Unlimited Web access (first 100 MB at up to 4G speeds)".

I take this to mean that the $70 plan is getting "unlimited" data, presumably throttled to Edge speeds (100-200 Kbits/sec) after 5GB 2GB like all T-Mobile unlimited dataplans. Users on the $50 plan will also get unlimited data but will be throttled to Edge speeds after 100MB instead on being cut off like they currently are. Update 24-May-2011: T-Mobile has confirmed that data on the $50/month plan is throttled after 100MB rather than being cut off and that the soft cap on the $70 plan is 5GB.

Great news for users and it should help T-Mobile prepaid to better compete with Boost, Virgin's and Straight Talk's unlimited data offerings



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  1. Thanks t-mobile for the upgrade on my cell phone on May 22.
    I glad I did not go to Boost Service like my co-workers.

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