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It's Baack - TracFone 800g Touchscreen $49.99 With Free 60 Minute Card

TracFone's first touchscreen device, the  LG 800G, which sold out quickly after launch last month is back in stock. It's available at TracFone.com for all GSM areas, both AT&T and T-Mobile.

The price is $49.99 and it once again comes with a free 60 minute refill card worth $19.99. Use coupon code GI2011 to get another $5 off. Thanks to a Father's day promotion overnight shipping is free through June 22.

Like most current TracFones, the 800g comes with double minutes for life (DMFL) so the "60 minute "card actually gives you 120 minutes.

The LG 800g has gotten somewhat mixed reviews.  Most users seem to like it but an alarming number of people have reported problems sending or receiving text messages.  The messaging problem can be fixed but it takes a call to TracFone to do so. Hopefully the text issue has been resolved with this new batch of 800g's.

For more about the 800g see my original post about it,  LG 800G - TracFone's First Touchscreen Phone Now Available For $49.99 With a Free $19.99 Refill Included  -  which includes full specs, a couple of videos and over 68 user comments. If that's not enough there's an  interactive tutorial on the TracFone site that shows how most of the phone's menus and features work. Or download a PDF manual here.

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  1. Does anyone know if you can text just as fast on the Tracfone LG800G's virtual keyboard as on the keyboard of the Tracfone LG500G which has a keyboard a bit like the blackberry? I'm just wondering that because you can't feel 3d buttons you might tend to miss the correct buttons on the virtual keyboard.
    I just read now that you can now get Tracfone plans with Triple minutes for life wow!
    I think Tracfone is certainly going to be swallowing up more market share in the next quarter at the pace they are making changes and yet still keeping their prices low.

  2. I think most people can type faster with physical QWERTY keys, I know I can.

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