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Deal Alert: TracFone LG 500g With TMFL $119.97

HSN has a new TracFone TMFL (triple minutes for life) deal. This time it's on the popular LG 500g QWERTY phone. The price is $99.97 through 12 midnight Eastern time tomorrow, Jul 30, 2011,  After that the price goes up to $119.95.

$99.97 $119.95 gets you the phone, a case, wall and car chargers, 1300 minutes that are valid for a year and triple minutes for life. TMFL life means that every time you refill you get three times as many minutes as "normal" So a $19.99 "60 minute" card gives you 180 minutes. Almost all current TracFones come with double minutes for life so TMFL, while nice, is more like 50% more minutes for life

All quibbling aside this is a pretty nice deal. The phone normally sells for $29.99 ($19.99 when on sale) without a case or car charger, 1300 minutes spread out over a year would run you about $135 on a DMFL phone and the case and charger are worth at least 10 bucks. So even without the TMFL the package is worth at least $175

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