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Updated - Available Now: More Texts and Data on $30/month Virgin payLo Plan

Although Virgin Mobile is raising prices and soft-capping data on their Beyond Talk plans they did throw moderate text and talk users users a bone in the form of more texts and data on the $30/month Beyond Talk plan.

Starting sometime this month (probably this Wednesday, July 20th when the Beyond Talk price increases go into effect) Effective today July 20th, the number of texts included with the plan jumps from 500 to 1500. The included data allowance grows from 10 MB (hardly any) to 30 MB (a little better).

This change makes Virgin's monthly payLo package much more competitive. Here's a table comparing the $30 monthly plans from other carriers.

Prepaid 1000-1500 Minute and Texts Offers
Operator Plan or Package Network Technology Monthly Cost Voice min. SMS Data
Virgin Mobile payLo Sprint CDMA 30.00 1500 1500 30 MB, overage $1.50/MB
Straight Talk All You Need Verizon or AT&T CDMA or GSM 30.00 1000 1000 30 MB no overage
T-Mobile Monthly 4G T-Mobile GSM 30.00 1500 (minutes & texts combined) 1500 (minutes & texts combined) 30 MB, overage $1.50/day
Page Plus Talk n' Text 1200 Verizon CDMA 29.95 1200 2000 100 MB, overage $0.15/MB

Virgin payLo is targeted at the light to moderate user who wants affordable basic service.  As such the handset selection in limited to feature phones and doesn't include any smartphones or even basic touch screen devices.

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to which Virgin Mobile phones are allowed on payLo and which can be used on Beyond Talk.  This month's Virgin/Boost dealer newsletter includes the following table which should help clear things up.

Kyocera S2300$49.99xx
Rumor 2$89.99xx
Rumor Touch$99.99x
LG Optimus V$149.99x
BlackBerry Curve 8530$179.99x
Samsung Intercept$199.99x
Samsung Restore$79.99x
Kyocera S2100$29.99

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  1. Is the pay lo really 1500 talk minutes and 1500 text messages?? Or is it 1500 for both?? It sounds a bit too good to be true. I don't use data so i am not worried about that. Thax.

  2. Yes it really is 1500 minutes AND 1500 texts

  3. Ok Thax. Will have to pick one of those phones. Thax again.

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