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New Net10 Motorola ex124g Touchscreen - $80 at Walmart

A new touchscreen phone for Net10 has started showing up in some Walmart stores. It's the Motorola ex124g and it retails for $80. The phone is not available on Net10 or Walmart's sites yet.

I haven't seen this phone myself but mobile blogger Wontek got his hands on one and posted an unboxing video, specs and a brief review on his site. The video is also on YouTube and I've embedded it below.

Compared with the LG 800g, this phone is slightly larger in every dimension and has a bigger (3.2 vs. 2.8 inch screen) and a better, on paper at least, 3 MP vs 2 MP camera. It also has an FM radio and can handle memory cards up to 32 GB (the 800g is limited to 4 GB cards).

The ex124g comes with a stylus, which is somewhat of a throwback. Judging by the video, some of the menus have tiny buttons which are hard to operate with a finger and the stylus does helps there. Personally I find styli very inconvenient, they make one handed use impossible and are easy to lose. Long ago, when I was a Palm PDA user i found that the back of a fingernail worked almost as well as a stylus for hitting tiny buttons and links. I suspect using your fingernail would work well with the ex124g too.

This phone is rumored to be coming to TracFone and StraightTalk as well. TracFone is reportedly replacing defective LG600gs with EX124Gs for some users and there's already an interactive tutorial for the phone hidden on the StraightTalk website.

The ex124g is a nice looking phone but I think the LG 800g is a better value. The Motorola isn't enough of an upgrade to justify a 60% higher price.


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  1. The only problem with the lg800g is it has unstable txt msging...Net 10 keeps sending the motorola as a replacement and they are trying to fix the txt msging problem...... I hope I like this phone...

  2. Is either one (the Motorola or the LG) able to connect to a WiFi hotspot? BTW, sorry for the newbish question but neither of these two phones can be considered as smartphone right? I mean it does not run android but a proprietary OS, am I correct.

  3. The LG 800G and the Motorola ex124g do not have WiFi. Both are considered feature phones not smartphones and run a proprietary OS

  4. Wow! Yeswap, you rock, this is the fastest response ever. That's what I was afraid about these phones, but I am a noob and wanted an expert's confirmation. Thank you so very much!

  5. i want this phone so bad

  6. Imma get this phone!!!:)

  7. Previous Tracfone Coustomer!August 27, 2012 at 5:16 PM

    Love all the features so far but for 80 bucks the deal is swealitering! On the tracfone website it says $0- $20 so which do i trust the offical site or this site i think the tracfone site is better good phone.

  8. I have this phone and really like it. The only thing is there is not enough info given with the phone. You can not even tell if it is a 4G
    a 3G or what. the number EX124G don't mean a thing to me. I even asked
    and could not even get an answer from a person who works in a wireless

  9. Can u take pictures on a Motorola EX124G phone and put them on facebook?

    if u can how do u do it
    please help me

    1. It should be possible by sending a picture message to your Facebook picture upload address. It might also be work using the Facebook Java app or mobile web site. I can't say for sure because I never tried and don't have the phone.

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