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New Touchscreens for Net10 and StraightTalk

A couple of new touchscreen phones have made their apperance on net10 and StraightTalks websites.

The $99.99 StraightTalk Samsung T528 (image, right) has a 3 inch screen and a 2 MP camera. It supports 3G and WiFi and is claimed to multi-task too. It's available now on the Straight Talk Web site. Use coupon GI2011 to get $5 off any pone on the StraightTalk site.

Net10's new phone is the Motorola EX124G that showed up in some Walmart stores last week and on the TracFone site Monday.  It's now officialy available from NET10.com for $79.99.  The $5 off coupon GI2011 works on Net10 too.

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