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Verizon MVNO PagePlus Cuts Pay As You Go Text and Data Prices

PagePlus Cellular has announced the following changes to their "Standard" (aka Pay As You Go Plan) prepaid plan. Effective immediately the cost of texting drops from eight to five cents per message received. Data pricing is reduced from $1.20 to $0.99 per megabyte.

Voice pricing remains the same and varies with the value of the refill card you add to your account:

Card Minutes Rate per minuteGood For
$10 100 $0.10120 days
$25 416 $0.06120 days
$50 1,000 $0.05120 days
$80 2,000 $0.041 year

Unused Pay As You Go minutes roll over as long as you refill before at least every 120 days (or once a year using an $80 refill). PagePlus charges a monthly service fee of $0.50/month on the Standard Plan.

It's nice to see a provider cutting SMS pricing for a chance rather than raising them as T-Mobile is doing. The new rate makes PagePlus one of the lowest priced carriers for ad-hoc messaging.

The data price reduction is welcome but it's still too expensive to use for anything other than picture messaging or extremely limited browsing. PagePlus charges a much more affordable $0.15/MB for data overages on their monthly plans and presumably makes money at that price. To charge Pay As You Go users over six times as much for the exact same thing strikes me as gouging.

Via Kitty Wireless

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  1. It's been more than 2.5 years since PagePlus cut data rates on the Standard plan. Sometime in mid-April, they will FINALLY slash the data rate from 99c/mb to 10c/mb. MMS will plunge from 25c to 5c. -per Kitty Wireless announcement today.

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