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Updated (E71 Back In stock): $99 Straight Talk Nokia E71 or 6790 Smartphones

Refurbished Nokia E71 and 6790 (image) Symbian Smartphones popped up on the Straight Talk site today for $99. The E71 sold out almost immediately but the is back in stock and the 6790 is still available as of this writing.

It's a touchscreen phone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard, 2.4 inch 240 x 320 px screen and 2 MP camera. The 6790 can only be activated on Straight Talk's $45/month unlimited talk, text and data plan and the first month's payment is added to the phone price at checkout. As always, coupon code GI2011 takes $5 off on the price of any phone on StraightTalk.com

PhoneArena has an extensive review of the AT&T version of the 6790. They liked the keyboard but not much else. User reviews aren't great either. However, that may not matter to some users who are buying the phone just to use its unlocked SIM in a different phone.

The 6790 is one of only three Straight Talk phones (the others are the E71 and E5) that come with unlocked SIMS. That means the SIM  will work in any AT&T or unlocked GSM phone, including Android devices and the iPhone.

I don't recommend using a Straight Talk SIM in a non-Straight Talk device as it violates Straight Talk's terms of service. Sooner or latter I expect Straight Talk (or AT&T whose network Straight Talk uses) will crack down on the use of Straight Talk SIMs in unsupported phones and either terminate the service of users caught doing it or block the non-Straight Talk devices from accessing the network.

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