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Another Straight Talk Android Video Leak - This Thing is Looking Increasingly Real.

A second leaked video for Straight Talk's unannounced Samsung Galaxy Precedent Android phone appeared on You Tube today.

There's a lot of speculation on Howard Forums about which network this phone is on.The main theories are:

  1. AT&T - because all Straight Talk's previous smartphones are on AT&T
  2. Sprint CDMA - because the phone in the video looks very much like Sprint's Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail
  3. Verizon - because the phone the phone looks like the Boost Prevail which is a CDMA phone and Straight Talk currently offers CDMA phones on Verizon while AT&T uses GSM.
I favor the AT&T theory as AT&T is the most logical partner and the easiest for ST to get working. Presumably ST choose AT&T as its current smarphone network because it's the most cost effective for them.

As for Sprint, either it, or T-Mobile which no one seems to be thinking about, are also possibilities as both are hungry and could undercut AT&T's wholesale pricing deal with Straight Talk. But there are logistical hurdles to overcome with Sprint, including getting integrating with a new network and new billing system as well as dealing with yet another coverage footprint which means restricting phone availability to Sprint areas and showing users yet another coverage map.

I consider Verizon the least likely as their wholesale pricing for  the TracFone companies appears to cbe the highest. In addition, Verizon has have never given an MVNO a good deal on whol)esale data and Straight Talk's "unlimited" data (capped at either 2 GB or 5 GB depending on who you ask) makes low cost data cost a must for any potential ST partner.

Incidentally, this phone using AT&T would  probably be best for users. That's because Straight Talk's agreement with AT&T is for the AT&T postpaid footprint, which includes partner roaming. Straight Talk CDMA phones are don't roam and are limited to Verizon's native network which covers fewer areas than AT&T with roaming.

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  1. If this thing isn't real, I bow to the prankster making these videos!

  2. Don't get to excited. If it's the same as the Boost slow laggy buggy Prevail. I would not buy it.

  3. At this point we don't know anything about this phone so it's a little early to so quickly dismiss it. The Prevail is an entry level Android phone and can be a little slow but many Boost users like it.

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