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Boost's Next Android Phone Gets FCC Approval, Hint at Release Date.

Remember the Samsung SPH-M930, Boost Mobile Android QWERTY slider with the 1 Mhz CPU that I published a leaked image of last week? Well it's been approved by the FCC, which is a requirement before a phone can be sold in the US. You can see all the FCC documents here although unless you're an RF engineer they probably won't mean much. There's only one image of the phone (shown at right) buried in all those PDFs.

There's also a leaked Sprint road map document floating around on the Web which lists the SPH-M930 as replacing the Sprint Samsung Transform on October 2nd. That date is for Sprint, the phone could come to Boost sooner or latter than that - though when a phone is released on both Sprint and Boost, Sprint usually gets it first.

That's not all on the Boost Android rumor and speculation front either. Along with many other Boost users I got an email from Boost with a link to an online survey asking us to help pick a name for a new Boost Android phone. I was given a choice of; Director, Lux, Warp, Rhyme and Forge. The catch was that survey listed these specs for the phone I was supposed to name:
  • Android™ 2.3 with Access to Android Market
  • 4.3" Touchscreen
  • 5MP Camera with Video
  • GPS Enabled
  • Stereo Bluetooth® Technology
  • Easy Access to Gmail™ and Google Talk™
  • Wireless Web Enabled
  • Switch Between Portrait and Landscape
  • Speakerphone with Voice-Activated Dialing
  • 3GB Internal Memory Available
  • Supports microSD™ Cards Up to 32GB (2GB Card Included)
The SPH-M930 is a lower spec phone with a 3.2" screen and 3.2 MP camera. Does this mean that Boost has two Android phones in the pipeline, the SPH-M930 and a higher end model possibly to be called the Director, Lux, Warp, Rhyme or Forge?

For what it's worth I chose Warp although I think made up, carrier specific names for phones are silly. I much rather have a well regarded off the shelf model like the Samsung Galaxy S or an LG Optimus One under its own name than some mystery compromise, just for prepaid model, with a "cool" but meaningless name.

Via: IntoMobile

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