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Free Accessory Bundles From TracFone and Net10

Both TracFone and NET10 have special promotions going on their respective Facebook pages (TracFone FaceBook Page, Net10 Facebook Page). With both deals if you buy a specific phone you get a free accessory kit consisting of a car charger, phone pouch and wired handsfree headset.

The TracFone deal is for the new $79.99 Motorola EX124G touch screen phone (on the left in the image). To get the accessory kit go to TracFone.com and enter the code KIT-TF at checkout.

If $79.99 is too much for your budget the same accessory kit is also included with the popular $29.99 LG500g QWERTY phone (on the right in the image), no coupon required if you order the phone from TracFone.com.

At NET10 the accessory kit comes with the $79.99 QWERTY Slider Samsung T404G. To get it enter the
code KIT-NT at checkout on NET10.com.

The accessory kit is also included with Net10 version of the $79.99 EX124G touchscreen phone. No coupon required for this one if you order from the Net10 site.

Update August 7th, 2011: The accessory kit deals that require a code (TracFone EX124G and Samsung T404G) have expired and are no longer available. The free accessory kit is still included with online purchases of the TracFone LG 500G and Net10 EX124G.

Update August 20, 2011:  None of the free bundles are available anymore.

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  1. The free accessory kit for the TracFone LG 500G appears to be gone from the website now too.

  2. Confirmed. The bundle on the Net10 EX124G is gone too. Thanks for letting me know, I'll update the post to reflect that they aren't available and remove it from the front page.

  3. just receives the LG500G phone with free accessory kit today, free shipping $19.99

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I just checked the Tracfone site and the kit is now included with the $14.99 Samsung T155G, $19.99 DMFL LG 500G and the $49.99 TMFL LG 500G.

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