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Rare Free TracFone DMFL CDMA Phone

If you live in one of TracFone's CDMA areas like Missoula, Montana or Door County, Wisconsin here's a deal for you. TracFone.com is offering the LG 3280 for $19.99 including a 60 minute TracFone refill.

The 3280 is an old school basic flip phone but the 60 minute refill sells for $19.99 everywhere and shipping is free so you are essentially getting the phone for free.  The phone includes Double Minutes For Life (DMFL) so that "60 minute card" actually gives you 120 minutes.

TracFone mostly uses GSM phones running on the AT&T or T-Mobile networks.  But in a few areas where there;s no GSM service they provide CDMA phones on the Verizon or US Cellular networks.  The CDMA phones work nationwide and generally have a little better coverage than their GSM counterparts. Probably because CDMA service costs TracFone more than GSM, the CDMA phones are usually more expensive and have fewer features than their GSM equivalents.

There also hasn't been a free phone deal on the CDMA side of TracFone for several years making this a rare opportunity for CDMA TracFone users  to pick up a new phone for nothing. And you can use coupon code GI2011 to get $5 off the phone's price and come out ahead on the deal. (Coupon expired)

Update: The free phone offer has expired,

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  1. tracfones lg 3280 on tracfones site when you press buy it goes back to tracfones website

  2. You have to enter a zipcode where TracFone sells CDMA phone, like 54235. Once you have the phone in your shopping cart you can change zipcode in the shipping and billing addresses.

  3. thi tracfone lg3280 will not come up on tracfones website under any of the zip codes shown i have tried them all i think tracfone is making a big mistake making tracfones so hard to purchase you should be able to buy the tracfone of your choice

  4. It's out of stock, possibly forever (it's a very old phone). The LG 220C is similar but more modern. Use Zip code 54235 to order it and the CDMA phones.

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