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H2O Wireless' $50 Unlimited Plan Now Includes 250 MB of Data

AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless has upped the data bundle that comes with their $50/month prepaid plan from 100 MB to 250 MB. The $50 plan also includes unlimited talk, texts and picture messaging and $20/month  of international call credit.

The increased data makes the H20 plan a good option if you smartphone on the AT&T network and need unlimited talk and text. Data works on iPhones without jailbreaking  using these instructions. Getting MMS (picture messaging) to work will require jailbreaking.
AT&T's own $50 prepaid plan includes unlimited data but only for non-smartphones. Data for smartphones on AT&T prepaid is an extra $5/month for 5 MB, $15/month for 100MB or $25/month for 500 MB. H20 coverage is the same as AT&T prepaid.

If you don't need data, H20 also offers a $40/month plan that includes unlimited talk and texts.

H20 is one of several prepaid brands from Locus Telecommunications which was founded in 1993 and has been in the prepaid wireless business since 2000.

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