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More Data on AT&T MVNO Jolt Mobile's Unlimited Talk and Text Plan

Jolt Mobile is one of the many Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) which resell  AT&T wireless service at discounted rates.  Today Jolt increased the data bucket included with their $49.99/month "Unlimited Talk & Text with Data" service from 100 MB to 250 MB. Jolt's move is not unexpected as two other AT&T MVNOs, Red Pocket Mobile and H20 Wireless and Jolt Mobile competitors also recently upped the data allowance on their $50/month unlimited  plans data allowance to 250 MB.

You can use any unlocked or AT&T locked GSM phone on Jolt provided it supports AT&T's 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies.

Jolt's unlimited plans include unlimited unlimited MMS (picture messaging), free voice mail and call waiting unlimited international text messaging and 24/7 customer support. Jolt supports international direct dialing and has low international voice rates (2 cents/minute to most of Europe, for example). If you don't need data, Jolt, like Red Pocket and H20 offers the unlimited talk & text plan without data for $40/month

While bigger data allowances on unlimited plans are a good thing, I'm still waiting for affordable data pricing on a purely pay as you go plan that allows you to use any GSM phone. Jolt does have a prepaid plan with reasonable 10 cent/minute and 10 cents/text message rates. But they spoil it by charging an insanely high one cent/KB for data. That may not sound like much but 250 MB at that rate would run you $2,560!

For Jolt to offer 250 MB for only $10 more than their price for the same plan without data AT&T must be giving them wholesale data at less than $10 for 250 MB or about 4 cents per MB.  I'd love to see the pay as you data rate reduced to something comparable.

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