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More Texts, Cheaper Data for PagePlus' $29.95 Monthly Plan

Starting with their next cycle renewal users on PagePlus Cellular's $29.95 month Talk n Text Plan
will get more text messages per month as well as lower prices for excess texts, minutes and data. 

The $29.95 plan now includes: 
  • 1200 voice minutes per month (no change) 
  • 3000 texts per month (was 2000) 
  • 100 MB of data (no change) 
The overage rates charged if you exceed your monthly allotment of texts, data or voice minutes have also been reduced:
  • Overage texts are now 5 cents (was 15 cents)
  • Overage data is now 10 cents/MB (was 15 cents)
  • Overage voice minutes are now 5 cents (was 10 cents)
This is the second time this year that PagePlus has increased the value of their $29.95 plan. I'm continuously impressed  at how PagePlus consistently offers some of the best prices in the prepaid industry and does it on the Verizon network, which is generally acknowledged to have the best (and most expensive) coverage of any of the US carriers.

Note, that PagePlus hasn't updated their website yet. However they have notified their dealers of the new pricing and the information was relayed to me by Kitty Wireless, one of PagePlus' biggest dealers.

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