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New Phones for Verizon Prepaid MVNO PagePlus Cellular

PagePlus Wireless, which offers inexpensive prepaid service using the the Verizon network, has added two new phones to their lineup. The phones are:

The Kyocera Rio (left), a touchscreen feature phone with music player, stereo Bluetooth, SD card support and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera which doesn't support video recording. The screen is 2.8 inches with a 240 x 320 resolution. Cricket is the only other major US carrier offering this model. The Rio is $119.95 at PagePlus.comPhoneScoop and the Kyocera site have detailed specs, reviews and more images.

The Kyocera Torino S2300 (right), a basic QWERTY bar phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and a 2.2 inch, 320 x 240 px screen. There's no music player and no video or SD card support. This phone is basically the same as MetroPCS' Kyocera Torino and Virgin Mobile's Kyocera Loft and S2300 models. The price is $89.95 on PagePlus' website. For more about the S2300 see PhoneScoop and  the Kyocera site.

While neither of these phones is particularly exciting they do fill holes in PagePlus' lineup which up to now had no touchscreen or QWERTY bar phones. But PagePlus has never been about snazzy phones. Their strengths are pricing ($2.50/month minimum on pay as you go; 1,200 minutes, 2,000 texts, 100 MB of Data for $29.95/month), Verizon network coverage and the ability to activate virtually any new or used Verizon post-paid handset.

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