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Straight Talk's Android Phone Announced and it's on the Sprint Network

It's official! Straight Talk has acknowledged the existence of the Samsung Galaxy Precedent Android phone with a page on the Straight Talk site announcing it with a form where you can check if it will be available in your location and register to be notified when it is. There's also a big 360% rotatable image of the phon e(screen grab above) .

While StraightTalk doesn't come right out and say it the new page gives us some clear evidence that the Precedent will be running on the Sprint Network. There are two clues:

1) The phone's model number is M828C. StraightTalk phones with numbers ending in C have always been CDMA models.

2) StraightTalk's CDMA phones have all been homed on the Verizon network. However if you enter the zip code 59801 on the Straight Talk Precedent site it tell you the phone is not available. 59801is Missoula, MT where Verizon has native coverage and Sprint does not. When you enter 59801 on the regular Straight Talk site they show you only CDMA phones (which run on Verizon).

But if you enter 54235 (Sturgeon Bay, WI) where Sprint has native coverage and Verizon does not the phone is available! No other Straight Talk phones are available in zip code 54235.

A reader also left a comment saying that Straight Talk had confirmed on their FaceBook page that the phone was on Sprint.

If the Precedent's home network is Sprint, which seems certain at this point, I think that it's safe to assume that the Precedent is basically the same phone as the Boost Samsung Galaxy Prevail which it closely resembles.

If you want to check Sprint vs. Verizon coverage in other areas you can use the following links Verizon prepaid coverage checker, Boost Mobile CDMA coverage checker (Boost works only on the Sprint native network).


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  1. where did you find that I was checking the straight talk website out and I didn't find anything about the Precedent

  2. y cant it still be on the verizon network this sucks

  3. Obviously, Verizon is not allowing ST to offer an Android smartphone on it's network. ST cannot offer just any phone it wants to, it has to have permission from Verizon to run the phone on a Verizon network. At least for now, VZW does not want competition for it's smartphones. I'm sure at some point, ST will be able to negotiate to offer an Android phone on VZW's CDMA network.

  4. Sprint's network is terrible. Unless you live in a big city, you're out of luck. Not using Verizon or ATT is a dealbreaker for me.

  5. No signal coverage in Florida. Nice phone, terrible reception. Brought the phone back, and lost the $45.00 service card. At home had to walk down the street to get any signal bars. Why they went with Sprint is beyond me -- look at Sprints coverage map. It is pathetic. Hopefully, they will come out with an Android phone that uses Verizon or AT&T.

  6. worst phone ever! took it back after four days of hell. the sprint network sucks. the phone would not receive incoming texts from the verizon network.

    stay away! oh and the battery would only last ten hours and become very hot.

    worst ever!!

  7. Bought this phone and so disappointed it uses sprint, no coverage in my home at all, have to drive 2 miles away to get a signal and I don't live in the boonies. Would love the phone on a different network.

  8. I can't get my andorid to activate because there re no towers that give signal to android straighttalk phones

    1. It needs Sprint coverage to activate. You need to return it. Even if you could find a location where it would activate, it wouldn't let you make or receive calls in the areas where it wouldn't activate.
      Return it and get a phone that runs on a carrier that has good coverage in your area. See: Coverage Maps For All Prepaid Carriers

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