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H2O Launches Smartphone Friendly $60/month Unlimited Everything Plan on the AT&T network

Yesterday H2O Wireless launched a $60/month Unlimited Everything plan. It includes Unlimited Talk, Text, MMS and data plus $20/month worth of international calling.  H20 runs on the AT&T native network and coverage is identical to AT&T GoPhone prepaid.

You can use any AT&T phone or any unlocked GSM phone that supports AT&T's 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies. That includes smartphones, including the iPhone although some  extra effort is required to get data working on AT&T iPhones and getting working MMS (picture messaging) requires jailbreaking.

This is the best current plan for anyone who wants to use an AT&T smartphone on prepaid.  Non-smartphone users should stick with AT&T's own $50 prepaid plan includes unlimited data but only for non-smartphones.

The big question about any "Unlimited" plan is what is the data cap? There are no truly unlimited plans especially on prepaid and especially when it comes to data.  All carriers except Boost Mobile, which is rumored to be getting a cap soon, have limits on the amount of data you can use, typically 2 GB/month.  That's actually quite a bit of data, but it is possible to exceed it particularly if you watch a lot of streaming videos, listen to Internet radio or tether.

The way caps are enforced varies;

  • T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile throttle your data to near dialup speeds when the cap is exceeded.
  • Simple Mobile cuts off your data for the rest of the month
  • Straight Talk cuts your data off permanently

Obviously throttling is better than a temporary or permanent data shut off.  H20 is keeping mum about their capping policies so we will have to wait and see what happens.

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  1. The internet makes secrets impossible or difficult at best. According to one poster on H2o's very own Facebook site, it is one gig with a throttle down to edge /2g speeds afterwards. Still unlimited if slow. This is similar to Simple Mobile's original cap which apparently has been slowly increased over time. Whether we will see howls of outrage at this interpretation of "unlimited" remains to be seen. As you can use Att gsm 3G and 4G phones including the iphone and Androids, this plan is going to be VERY popular. You should be hearing the outrage probably within the first 30 days...

  2. Wrong Sprint is unlimited data for the same price you pay for 4 gb at att wait i think it is less. Dont overlook Sprint just because they don't have an iphone yet.Or maybe your just not intelligent enough to do research on one of the 4 major carriers when writing an article about cell phone plans.

  3. If they really think they can support smartphones with a 1gb data cap then their not serious about surviving in the market. That's a laughable limit. Every wireless consumer should be outraged that the carriers pushed the iPhone and similar smartphones as MEDIA CENTRIC devices for nearly two years, with NO data limits..and then pulled the biggest bait n' switch in communications history. NO business should ever be able to use the term "unlimited" when there is a very real LIMIT on usage of their product. Any other industry would be standing before Congress explaining their deceptions..why do the carriers always get a pass?

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