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Manual and Online Tutorial For Boost's New Samsung Transform Ultra

Links to a 68 MB! PDF manual and an interactive tutorial for Boost Mobile's rumoured new Samsung Ultra Transform Android QWERTY slider popped up on Howard Forums tonight.  I take that as evidence that this phone is real and its release is not for away.

Installed applications mentioned in the manual and tutotial include the usual Google Apps plus:

  • ThinkFreeOffice - Microsoft Office Compatable document viewing and editing.
  • Boost ID - Bundles of related apps that can be downloaded with a single click. There are two that are shown in the tutorial, MTV and the Boost ID Pack, which is described in the manual as including Twitter, Boost account management, Facebook, MySpace and Hookt, Telenav GPS, SCVNGR, Poynt; and links to the MTV, E!, Univision, CNN websites "and more".
  • Swype
  • Microsoft Exchange support contacts, calendar and email. This is in addition to standard Android Google contacts, Calendar and Gmail sync.
As previously reported here the Ultra Transform is a significant upgrade over Boost's sole current CDMA Android phone the Samsung Galaxy Prevail. Upgraded specs include:
  • Faster 1 GHz (vs. 800 MHz) CPU
  • Graphics Processor (there's none on the Prevail) 
  • 3 MP camera with LED flash vs. 2 MP without flash
  • Larger, probably 3.5" screen. The Prevail's is 3.2"
The Transform Ultra is expected to be available next month at a price of $230. But with the online tutorial up already it could be sooner. Related Post: High(er) End Android Phone Coming to Boost Mobile?


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  1. yes i want it now they should release it now because boost is loosing customers

  2. OMg im getting this phone hopefully :)

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