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New $25 AT&T GoPhone Plan - 250 Minutes and Unlimited Texts

AT&T announced today that starting Sept. 18th they will be offering a new option to GoPhone customers; unlimited messaging and 250 minutes for $25/month.  AT&T currently charges $19.99/month for unlimited texting alone making this a pretty good deal for anyone who talks a little but texts a lot.

On the other hand, there are a lot of competing prepaid deals at the $25-$30 monthly price point that include more voice minutes some data and lots of (but not unlimited texts).  Here's a table comparing them:

$25 to $30 Monthly Prepaid Plans
Operator Plan or Package Network Technology Monthly Cost Voice min. SMS Data
AT&T $25 Monthly  Plan AT&T GSM 25.00 250 unlimited
5 MB - $5,
200 MB $15, 
500 MB $25
NET10 750 Minute Monthly  Plan AT&T or Verizon CDMA or GSM 25.00 750 750 750 minutes of browsing
Virgin Mobile payLo Sprint CDMA 30.00 1500 1500 30 MB overage $1.50/MB
Straight Talk All You Need Verizon or AT&T CDMA or GSM 30.00 1000 1000 30 MB no overage
T-Mobile Monthly 4G T-Mobile GSM 30.00 1500 (combined minutes and messages) 1500 (combined minutes and messages) 30 MB, Overage $1.50/day
Page Plus Talk n' Text 1200 Verizon CDMA 29.95 1200 3000 100 MB, Overage $0.10/MB

AT&T also made a couple of other GoPhone announcements today:
  • A $10month GoPhone international long distance add on will also be available starring Sept 18th.  It provides 250 minutes of calls to over 50 countries.  Details will be available at att.com/gophoneintLD starting tomorrow.
  • Effective immediately GoPhone customers can now roam in Canada Voice The rates are:
    • Voice: $.39 per minute (no surcharges)
    • Text: $.25 per message sent, $.20 per message received
    • Data: $0.0195 per KB
    • Picture Messaging: $1.30 per message sent/$0.25 per message received.

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