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Verizon Confirms $50/month Prepaid Unlimited Everything Plan Launching Thursday, Sept 15th.

The Wall Street Journal published a article (subscription required) today quoting Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney who confirmed that Verizon's new $50/month unlimited talk, text, picture messaging and web plan will be available nationwide for beginning this Thursday, Sept 15th.

The plan appears identical the "Unleashed" trial that the operator has been running in parts of Florida and California since April. The main limitation of both plans is that only certain rather basic phones are allowed to be used. In the trial there were only three phones available (left to right above) the $39.99 LG Accolade a basic flip phone, $79.99 Pantech Caper QWERTY bar phone and the $99.99 LG Cosmos QWERTY Slider. Ms. Raney there will be four phones allowed on the new unlimited plan, although she didn't say which ones, and that some older Verizon prepaid phones will also work.

I'm somewhat underwhelmed by this plan mostly because of the limited handset selection. I can understand not allowing Smartphones to force power users to postpaid but the lack of any sort of touchscreen feature phone doesn't make any sense. Verizon AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint (though its Boost subsidiary) all have $50 unlimited plans and several MVNOS have unlimited priced as low as $40/month and all have or allow touchscreen and Android smartphones. Still I expect this plan to be popular. The Verizon name means something to a lot of users and Verizon does offer some advantages, including superior coverage and 24/7 telephone support.

To put the Verizon offering in perspective, here's a table showing how it compares with the competition;
Unlimited Prepaid Voice and Text Plans
Operator Plan or Package Network Monthly Cost Available Phones. Data
Verizon Unlimited Verizon 50.00 4 non-touch unlimited
Boost Mobile Unlimited Sprint 50.00 - 35.00 touch, non-touch, Android unlimited
AT&T Unlimited AT&T 50.00 any unlimited for feature phones.
5 MB - $5,
200 MB - $15, 500 MB $25
T-Mobile Unlimited T-Mobile 50.00 any Unlimited (throttled after 100 MB/month)
Straight Talk Unlimited Verizon, AT&T, Sprint 45.00 touch, non-touch, smartphones unlimited
Page Plus Unlimited Talk n Text Verizon 44.95 any 20 MB, Overage $0.10/MB
H20 Wireless Unlimited Talk Text and MMS AT&T 40.00 most including smartphones 100 MB - $10, Unlimited - $20

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  1. With only four phones available to users I wonder if Verizon is trying to protect themselves from overtly showing consumers that they will be unable to use VZ's 4G network. Perhaps this is the companies way of luring people into contracts? What's your take?

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