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Verizon Launching $50 Unlimited Everything Prepaid Plan Next Week?

Ever since April when Verizon started trialing their $50/month unlimited talk, text and Web "Unleashed" prepaid plan in Florida and Southern California there have been recurrent rumors that the deal would be going nationwide soon. Though still in the rummor stage, there's some new evidence that it will finally happen next week.

FierceWireless published a story last week quoting a "a person familiar with the situation" as saying that Unleashed will be available nationwide on Monday Sept 12th.

Then  fonefonz posted to Howard Forums that multiple Verizon phone support reps had confirmed that the Unleashed roll out is for real and will happen on Sept 15th.

The Unleashed trial only allowed three  specific "Unleashed" phones to be used on the plan. For the nationwide launch the handset selection has reportedly been broadened slightly to include phones that are packaged and sold to be used on Verizon's "Daily" pay as you go plans. There are six Daily Prepaid models currently, 3 flip phones and 3 with QWERTY keyboards, all are basic"feature" phones, no smartphones and no touchscreen phones. You can see the allowed phones  by going to Verizon's prepaid site, picking one of the daily plans and hitting the "Select plan and Continue" button.

According to the reps no postpaid phones will be allowed on Unleashed even if they are one of the same models that's also sold for prepaid!

Fonefonz posts a lot on the Howard Forums and in my experience his information is generally accurate.  However until Verizon announces it officially I'm still classifying nationwide Unleashed as a rumor.

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