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Big Changes at T-Mobile. No More Web Day Pass, New $30 Unlimited Data Plan Requires a New Activation!

With no advance notification that I'm aware of, T-Mobile has killed off their $1.50/day unlimited Web Day Pass which provided unlimited data for 24 hours (throttled after 30 MB).  There is no grandfathering either, the pass is simply unavailable to anyone anymore. There are two new day plans which include data as well as unlimited voice and texts, but at $2 and $3 per day they are more expensive than the old Web Day Pass for users who only want data .

T-Mobile's much heralded new $30/month unlimited text and data with 100 minutes plan also went live today. Unfortunately, T-Mobile seems to have made it unnecessarily difficult and potentially expensive for existing customers to switch to.  At least that was the story I got from four different T-Mobile customer care representatives I spoke to this morning.

According to the reps, the only way to get this new plan is by activating a new line of service  with  a new SIM, either online at www.t-mobile.com/PrepaidActivation or in a WalMart store. When activating online at www.t-mobile.com/PrepaidActivation you can use any T-Mobile prepaid activation kit, regardless if it's labeled for Pay As You Go or for Monthly 4G or comes bundled with a new handset.

There is no way for an existing customer to switch to this plan except by activating a new line. Supposedly once you activate you can call in to transfer an existing T-Mobile prepaid number to the new plan. Update:  I've been told by T-Mobile that it's not possible for an existing prepaid customer to transfer their number or balance to a new account.  If you want to keep you number you need to either port it to another prepaid carrier and then port it back to the new T-Mobile number or port the number to Google Voice and use Google Voice to forward calls and texts the new account.  Neither method is free. Switching to another carrier means buying a phone or a SIM and probably adding some money to the temporary account and Google charges $20 to port a number.

In addition, if an account on the $30 unlimited text and data plan doesn't have at least $30 in it when the 30 day plan period ends the account will be converted to Pay As You Go with no way to switch back to the $30 plan! Sheesh,T-Mobile you really care about your loyal customers - NOT.

There were lots of other plan changes today at T-Mobile. Here's a breakdown of the other new plans.

There's a new $60/month plan with unlimited talk, text and data. The first 2 GB of data is at up to 4G speeds (in theory up to 41 Mbps but typically no more than 7 Mbps in tests using current phones). After 2GB data speeds are throttled to a maximum of approximately 120 Kbps (.12 Mbps).

There are three new Pay by the Day Plans:
  • $1/day - unlimited text, 10¢/min voice and no data
  • $2/day - unlimited text, unlimited voice and unlimited 2G (120 Kbps max speed) data
  • $3/day - unlimited text, unlimited voice and unlimited data (first 200 MB at 4G speeds)
Existing T-Mobile prepaid users can switch between any of the plans except the $30/month unlimited data, text and 100 minutes plan using their T-Mobile My Account page on the Web or on their phone  (image, above)

All the new plans are very competitive and should gain T-Mobile a lot of new customers. The $30/month unlimited data and text with 100 minutes plan is an especially good value for anyone who needs lots of data at a low price and is disciplined enough to always have $30 in the account at refill time. It would also make a great choice for international visitors who need data for a month or less.


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  1. This has really screwed me up for the next two weeks. if T-Mobile had given warning, I'd have changed plans at the start of October; as-is, I have the choice to either pay $50 two weeks early (and lose minutes I've paid for), or have no internet other than wifi. Pretty sure I'll be leaving ASAP; this is awful customer service.

  2. Well there is still that $3/day option. The day webpass option has been ideal for me when visiting the US but $3/day deal will also do.

  3. T-Mo is doing it on purpose. They don't want to give ammunition to DOJ which wants to block the takeover of ATT. By not being the cheapest cell carrier anymore, the conventional wisdom is that DOJ will remove their objection.However this is a very dangerous game to play, since if they bleed any more customers, ATT for sure wont pay $39 bill for a company that, by next year will be worth a fraction of that.

  4. I hope AT&T doesn't take over T-Mobile. I like T-Mobile, and I was thrilled when I checked its website to find this new $30 plan with unlimited data. I don't talk that much, so I normally buy a couple of $100 cards per year, but I want to switch to a plan with data.

    Too bad I don't have the option to change it with my existing number.

  5. You can port your number to a new sim within t-mobile on the $30 walmart plan. Just run your current balance down first. Also, once on the walmart plan do not let it lapse or it will revert to standard prepaid and you will be stuck in the same boat.

  6. I hope you are right. Have you ported an existing T-Mobile prepaid number to the new plan?

    I and other users have been get conflicting information from T-Mobile phone support. Some CSRs say you can some say you can port, some say you can't.

    I contacted a T-Mobile media relations person with this question several days ago and have been promised an answer which I will post here when I get it.

  7. As much as I am tempted to try the $30 unlimited data plan, I'm going to stay away from T-Mobile for now until all the smoke clears

  8. I didn't notice the absence of the $1.50 web pass until today.

    I'm fine with paying $2 or $3, but, can I switch back to my non-daily prepaid plan afterwards? I'm hesitant to try it because I don't want to get stuck on a daily plan.

  9. Looks like here's a site that answered the question:



    It appears to be possible to switch back, but it appears to be a hassle.... :(

  10. "In addition, if an account on the $30 unlimited text and data plan doesn't have at least $30 in it when the 30 day plan period ends the account will be converted to Pay As You Go with no way to switch back to the $30 plan!"

    False. I'm on that plan and I've accidentally gone into a new 30 day period with no money in the account. All that happens is you don't get service until you fill up. You have to be lapsed for *90 days* before they downgrade you to pay-as-you-go.

    1. Thanks for the update. My statement was based on information received from a T-Mobile representative at the time the post was published.

      Other users have confirmed being able to keep the 5 GB plan when topping up a few days after it expires.

      I don't know about 90 days though, as I seen reports of users losing the plan after going 30 days past expiration.

  11. Yet, 18 months later, the bozos *still* list the $1.50 Day Pass at http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/plans/prepaid-plans.aspx?WT.z_shop=Prepaid

    Data costs
    Need data? Get a Pay As You Go data Web DayPass for just $1.49 per day.

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