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Buy A T-Mobile Prepaid Phone over $50 - Get a Free $30 Refill Card

There's a new free refill promotion going on right now at T-Mobile.com right now. Purchase any selected prepaid phones priced at $50 or more and T-Mobile will throw in a $30 refill PIN card for free. Shipping is also free.

Eligible phones include the $74.99 Samsung :) t359 QWERTY slider or Nokia X2 QWERTY candybar, the  LG Optimus T Android phone at $149.99 (new) or $119.99 (refurbished), the $349.99 refurbished Samsung Galaxy S Android superphone, the T-Mobile Android Sidekick 4G at $379.99 and several others too meh to mention.

This is a great deal if you are thinking of upgrading your T-Mobile phone or switching to T-Mobile to take advantage of the operator's awesome $30/month unlimited data, texts and 100 minutes plan that's launching Oct. 16th.  You need to act quickly though as this is a "limited-time offer".  There is no stated expiration date but T-Mobile's free refill deals typically only last 2 to 4 days.

Update: it turns out that the deal does not apply not the Nokia X2 for some reason. That seems like a strange exclusion as it does apply to all the other over $50 phones on the T-Mobile site and that T-Mobile often sells the Nokia for less than the current $74.99 price.

6-Oct-2011: The free refill deal has ended


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