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Deal Alert: LG Optimus T Android Phone $99.99 at Tmobile.com

T-Mobile has temporarily slashed the price of the refurbished, no-contract LG Optimus T (aka Optimus One) Android phone to $99.99 including free shipping.

This is a great price for the Optimus One (review) which generally regarded as the best entry level Android device currently available from any vendor. Click here to order.

T-Mobile bills this as a "limited time offer" which in T-Mobile-speak generally means a few days at most. This phone is likely to sell out even sooner so act now if you want this deal. Update:  T-Mobile has removed the "limited time offer" banner from this phone's listing but kept the $99.99 price so it looks like this might be a permanent price redyction.

Using the Optimus V or any smartphone on T-Mobile prepaid is better than ever thanks to two new prepaid monthly plans that the carrier introduced a week a ago:

  • $30/month - Unlimited messaging, 100 minutes of voice calls and unlimited 4G data (soft capped to 2 G speeds for the rest of the month after 5 GB).  Voice overage is 10 cents a minute. This plan is only available by activating a new line of service online at www.t-mobile.com/PrepaidActivation
  • $60/month - Unlimited messaging, voice and 4G data (soft capped after 2 GB)

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