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Deal Alert - Nokia X2 QWERTY phone - $40 on T-Mobile.com

T-Mobile has put the Nokia X2-01 messaging phone on sale for $40 with free shipping. The normal price on this phone is $74.99 making this is a pretty deep discount. I don't expect this price to last long, a few days at most.

The X2-01 is a recent low to mid-range phone with a better than average Webkit based browser, excellent keyboard  and a  2.4 inch, 320x240 screen that's brighter and sharper than most at this price point.  It has a usable music player with a a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. The X2-01's weakest point is its crumby VGA (0.3 MP) camera.  

On the positive side the X-2-01 has great battery life with a claimed talk time of 12 hours. It's also a quad-band phone which, if unlocked will work with a local SIM almost anywhere in the world. T-Mobile will unlock phones for free provided for customers who have a minimum of 60 days of active service with T-Mobile and either a Prepaid Plan account balance of at least $10.00 or a prior refill within the last 30 days. Overall, I'd say the phone is a bit overpriced at $74.99, but a great value for forty bucks.

Update: The price is back up to $74.99. That deal lasted less than 12 hours!


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