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Kitty Wireless 25% Off PagePlus Services Coupon

If you need to activate a phone on PagePlus or do an ESN change or swap, PagePlus online dealer Kitty Wireless has a new 25% off coupon that will save you a little money.

Use Coupon Code SERV25 during checkout to save 25% off any New Activation, ESN Change, ESN Swap, ESN Reset, ESN Check, Device Release or Port Request on  kittywireless.com now through 10/31/2011 at 10:00pm Eastern Time.

Most of these services have a regular price of $6.99 so using the coupon saves you $1.75.

Note that PagePlus will do some of these services for free if you're willing to spend some time waiting on hold and dealing with agents who are sometimes a bit stressed out and confused. If your time is valuable using Kitty Wireless automated services will save you lots of time for a nominal fee.


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