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Updated: iPhones On Verizon MVNO Page Plus "Could" Be Kicked Off at Anytime

Update: Kitty Wireless, the source of our original story announcing that iPhones were now officially allowed on Page Plus, has relayed the following statement from Page Plus:

"The iPhone is not allowed at this time. Should an iPhone be activated on the network, it could be subject to deactivation at any point in time in the future if the "powers that be" determine to do that."

If you are interested in the details of this debacle, Kitty Wireless has published a longer statement on their Forum. According to it, Page Plus initially told Kitty Wireless that iPhones were allowed and then twelve hours later reversed themselves, probably after some push back from Verizon.

My guess is that Verizon doesn't want to encourage profitable postpaid iPhone customers to switch to Page Plus. This is in line with other restrictions that Verizon puts on their MVNOs which, for example, are not allowed to advertise the fact that they use the Verizon network.

Note that even now, neither  PagePlus or Kitty Wireless have explicitly stated that iPhones can't be activated on Page Plus. The word from users on Howard Forums is that it's still possible.  However this latest development, with its threat to potentially deactivate iPhones, would make me a little nervous about putting an iPhone on Page Plus.

If you already have an iPhone on Page Plus, I don't think you have much to worry about. If the boot ever comes you should still be able to sell the iPhone on eBay or Craiglist at a good price.

Our original post announcing that iPhones were allowed on Page Plus is included unchanged below for the record:
Here's some good news for anyone wanting to use an iPhone on the Verizon network without having to go the pricey contract route. Page Plus Cellular is now allowing iPhones to be activated. Page Plus is a Verizon MVNO, meaning they resell service on the Verizon mobile network. They offer a variety of plans (table below) ranging from $2.50 to $55 per month.

Only Verizon branded iPhones will work on PagePlus, and as is always the case with activating Verizon phones on Page Plus, they must have a "clean ESN" (not reported lost or stolen or last used on an account that Verizon considers delinquent). The phone can't be active currently on Verizon either. If the iPhone you want to use is active on Verizon, swapping a different phone onto the account or porting the number to Page Page Plus will release it.

The Page Plus plans emphasize voice and SMS use. None them include unlimited (or even very much) data and data overage rates are on the high side.  The key to using an iPhone, or any smartphone, on Page Plus is to maximize WiFi use and minimize mobile data use.

If you are using an iPhone on Page Plus you need to keep a close watch on data usage. Like all smartphones, iPhones run background processes that consume data to retrieve emails, synchronize calendars and contacts, etc.  These processes as well as the browser and data using apps will use WiFi if it's available and mobile network data if its not.  You can disable mobile data usage while still allowing WiFi on an iPhone by going to Settings > General > Network and setting "Cellular Data" to Off.

Non-Page Plus branded phones, including iPhones are "allowed but unsupported" on PagePlus meaning that if you run into problems with the phone, don't expecr any help from Page Plus.  In reality, a clean ESN Verizon phone should program over the air without issues and "just work" on Page Plus.  To be on the safe side I recommend that you have your iPhone activated on Page Plus by a reputable, full service Page Plus dealer such as Kitty Wireless. For support there is also a new iPhone sub forum on Kitty Forums where users can discuss using the iPhone on Page Plus and ask for help from other users.

Plan Monthly Minimum Price Voice Text Data
Pay As You Go  $2.50/month $0.04-0.10/min $0.05/ea,
$2000 - 10.95/month,
unlimited - $19.95/month
1200 Talk n Text $29.95/month 1200 (overage $0.05/min) 3000 (overage $0.05/each) 100 MB (overage $0.10/MB)
Unlimited Talk n Text $44.95/month unlimited unlimited 20 MB (overage $0.15/MB)
"The 55"* $55.00/month unlimited unlimited 300 MB (overage $0.25/MB)
"The 55" plan available starting Oct. 25, 2011

Source: Kitty Forums

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  1. The way it played out,there was DEFINITELY pressure from Big Red. So it stands, No Verizon bad esn, no Blackberry, No iphone cdma, No 4G/Lte and no Verizon prepaid devices. That's the official Byod stance of Page Plus. Whether it is followed to the letter is another issue.

  2. I agree. FYI, BlackBerrys and LTE phones can be activated on Page Plus. To activate an LTE device you just need to remove the LTE SIM.

  3. I still can't understand why anyone would even consider a CDMA network, where you are at their mercy as far as what phone to use, when you can just easily choose a GSM network, and use any unlock phone, and even change between phones any time you want, with no restrictions what so ever.

  4. Just to fill in Anonymous 10/25 @1:08 - it's because CDMA is the only network with decent availability where I live in the boonies. Here, there isn't any choice and PPC is a good alternative to the Red. And yes, our Palm & BB devices work perfectly. Now I have the good news to watch for a deal on a Red 4 or 4S no contract handset... someday.

  5. Yeah. Byod is great but Verizon made its name by saying : Network, network, network= coverage, coverage, coverage. First. How do you think they held off the mighty iphone for the first three years they didn't have it? Coverage baby!

  6. PagePlus uses the Verizon network so coverage on PagePlus is identical to coverage on Verizon.

  7. You can activate the iPhone on Pageplus cellular but you have to do it online, because if you bring it to the retail they obviously see that it is an iPhone and will not activate it.

    I was told that I can not activate the iPhone but a lot of my friends have their iPhone activated by PagePlus and they told me that as long as you activate your Verizon iPhone online ( http://www.mypageplusactivation.com ) it is fine because there is no way for them to know what model it is.

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