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NET10 - Cheaper Minutes On PayGo, $25 Monthly Plan Now Requires Autofill

América Móvil seems to be tinkering with their NET10 rates and plans.  A user on HowardForums reported getting an email from NET10 saying that they would have to enroll in Auto Refill to keep using the $25/month 750 minutes plan. With Auto Refill you register a credit or debit card on net10.com and the plan refills itself every month using the card.

Update: On their Facebook page, NET10 has confirmed the new Auto Refill requirement for the $25 plan and that existing refill PINs and cars would still be honored.

If this is true, and so far it's just an unconfirmed report by one user, I can't see this new requirement sitting well with some users.  For one thing, online retailers like Callingmart.com sell refills at a discount and don't charge sales tax.  With Auto Refill you pay full price and in most states, sales tax.  Also, some people want an anonymous phone that's not tied to their identity. This change probably makes it impossible to have a NET10 monthly plan that's not associated with a card in your name.

For now $25 monthly plan refills are still available from callingmart.com and can be found at thousands of convenience stores, drugstores and supermarkets around the country.  As far as I know, these cards are still good. I can't imagine América Móvil (NET10's parent company) refusing to honor them and risking tons of negative publicity and allegations of fraud.

In other more positive news, most pay as you go refills on net10.com now give more minutes. Here's a comparison of the old and new rates.
Price Old Minutes New Minutes Days of Service Old Price/Minute New Price/Minute
 $20  200  200 30 10 cents  10 cents
 $30  300  400 60 10 cents  7.5 cents
 $40  N/A  800 60 N/A  5 cents
 $45  600  N/A 60 7.5 cents  N/A
 $60  900  1200 90 6.67 cents  5 cents
 $100  N/A  2000 180 N/A  5 cents
These rates are apparently a temporary promotion. According to the website the $30, $40, $60 and $100 airtime Cards are "Web Exclusive Limited Time Offers".

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  1. with this single stupid move they will loose many costumers. Had to be a new CEO or something, clueless...

  2. Both my wife and I use Net10 LG 900G phones and buy PINs from callingmart.com paying as little as $23.40 up to as much as $24.75 per phone each month. I just used my last 2 callingmart PINs I had left. I will spend the next 3 weeks deciding on a new phone. How does this benefit them if I switch to Straight Talk (which is American Movil/Net10/Tracfone). Surely they make more off what I have been paying than they will off a subcontract thru Wal-Mart. I can go there and get 2 phones and get unlimited service on them both for $76. per month. If my wife has 50,000 minutes available (instead of 750) she's gonna do everything in her power to use as many minutes as she can. She'd rather browse the web on her phone than use our desktop computer. The more likely occurrence will be a switch to Virgin Mobile/Boost/AT&T/Verizon prepaid. The Net10 forums are howling, this is gonna hurt them for very little profit. Most months the callingmart discount is 3% or less. The benefit is no tax and less fees. Just a bad move.

  3. I don't thing you need to do anything at least not yet. CallingMart still sells $25 monthly PINs and NET10 still honors them. It looks like the only thing that changed is that NET10.com no longer sells the $25 refill

  4. On their facebook page, I found a post from Net-10 telling a disgruntled customer that the $25/750 was still available as a PIN from stores and by calling Net-10's 800 number. I know I got last month's $25 plan off Walmart.com, the PIN was emailed to me & the nice thing once I entered it, got a text telling me what to do directly from the phone to pull it out of reserve in case I ran out of minutes. I also see it's still on that CallingMart as well. And Wally & Callingmart both take Paypal. Sweet. I told Net-10, long as I can still get it that way, I be happy and take back all the bad things I said about them. We'll see.

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