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Page Plus' $55/month Unlimited Talk and Text, 300 MB Data Plan is Now Available

Verizon MVNO Page Plus launched their new "The 55" plan today.  The new plan provides unlimited voice and messaging plus 300 MB of data for $55/month.

In order to start or switch to the new plan you need to purchase a special "The 55" refill card or PIN. These are available directly from Page Plus and from Page Plus authorized dealers such as Kitty WirelessFor added convenience Kitty Wireless also offers an exclusive no extra cost AutoPay plan that comes with the guarantee that you will never missing a refill date or have a billing problem.

It you are thinking of switching to Page Plus or need to do an ESN Change (phone swap) you can save 25% off any New Activation, ESN Change, ESN Swap, ESN Reset, ESN Check, Device Release or Port Request by entering Coupon Code SERV25 during checkout at  kittywireless.com now through 10/31/2011 at 10:00pm Eastern Time. Most of these services have a regular price of $6.99 so using the coupon saves you $1.75.

Note that PagePlus will do some of these services for free although you will generally spend some time waiting on hold and dealing with agents who can be a bit stressed out.  If your time is valuable using Kitty Wireless automated services will save you lots of time for a nominal fee.

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  1. I'm sure during the first few days or even weeks of the "55" it will be nuts at Page Plus customer service central.

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